7 Homemakers Insta-Stylists to Watch in 2017

Home styling advice from Homemakers Insta-Stylists

It’s been quite a year here at Hm, etc.! From an exciting Pantone Color Series to the introduction of Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines to an extensive interior design style guide, we’ve been pretty busy.

But we’re not the only ones!

Our customers have a keen eye for design and we love to see how you style the pieces you find at Homemakers. In fact, we think of our customers as “Insta-stylists” and we’ve pulled some of our favorite photos from Instagram. These users tagged us in pictures showcasing their style and creativity and we’re excited to share them now!

Homemakers 2016 Instagram Faves

Each of these talented Insta-stylists were gracious enough to answer a few of our questions about their home styling tips, why they shop Homemakers and much more. Above each photo, we’ve included a drop-down box where you can read their responses. Click on Samantha’s name to get started!

Samantha’s style: Evolving. Modern. Refined.

Her home styling advice: Take your time. When you first move into a new home, you are essentially working with a blank canvas. Figure out how you use the space, how you want the room to feel, and then decided how to decorate the room. Try creating a mood board to determine what pieces you want to use in the space and then start off by purchasing maybe one or two items from the list. Evaluate and reevaluate, style is always evolving and so don’t be afraid to assess and reassess as you begin to decorate.

How she styled her photo:Chriselle Lim’s glamorous and modern living room encapsulates many elements I wanted to bring into our master bedroom: tufted upholstery, faux fur, mirrored accents. While the vibrant paint brings color to the space, I liked the idea of keeping our bedroom cozy with minimal pops of color. I’m all about texture and love the idea of a a DIY faux fur accent, which I created with the bench at the foot of our bed. I kept our bedroom refresh in-line with what makes my heart flutter: cozy white linens, a bold wall color, and a dramatic headboard.

Why she shops Homemakers: Online shopping is great, but nothing beats seeing something in person where you can touch and feel the furniture. When deciding on a headboard, I knew immediately that I wanted a tufted headboard. We were upgrading to a king bed, but I knew I didn’t have the budget for a full frame along with a headboard. Initially I was going to DIY the headboard (much like I did for our guest bedroom makeover), but when I made a trip out to Homemakers, I found a headboard that would be almost identical and cost as much as it would to DIY the project (without the hard labor!). The best part of stepping into Homemakers is seeing how they stage their furniture and accessories. It helps see pieces in context of how they will be used and what elements of each piece you like or dislike.

Jessica’s style: “Eclectic, timeless, versatile”

Her home styling advice: “Unify with color! It’s the best way to approach and tie together different styles and types of furniture. It could be as simple as tying two completely [different] types of furniture with a beautiful rug and fun pillows.”

How she stages homes: “Property styling is not exactly the same as interior design. When you hire me to design a styling package for your home, you are engaging a professional stylist who is knowledgeable and experienced in real estate and knows how to bring out your property’s full potential. The trust is placed on the me to fill up your home with quality, modern furnishings that will help your property reach it’s optimum selling price. I usually like to focus on the first 4-5 rooms you see in the home. Which usually includes the kitchen, dining/kitchenette, kitchen, living room and master suite.”

Why she shops Homemakers: “Homemakers is essential to my home staging and design consultation business. Early last year, it wasn’t uncommon to find me walking your aisles once or twice a week shopping for my own personal and staging collection or for permanent pieces for my clients. Not only is Homemakers’ inventory diverse but their prices are also fair. Also, they have the best clearance section. I always find something to add to my collection!”

Jennifer’s style: “Inviting, eclectic, transitional.”

Her home styling advice: “If you love it, go for it! That is the beauty of art, different styles or pieces speak differently to different people. Trends will come and go, but what you love can always be your home base.”

Design trend she’s excited for:“I am most looking forward to greenery being the official color of the year! I love how a simple potted plant or boxwood wreath can really transform an entire space and give it life.”

Why she shops Homemakers: “Homemakers has been a great resource for me, because it is a one-stop shop. The variety of furniture pieces, selection of styles and affordable price points help me create a unique and custom look for my clients every time.”

Hilary’s style: eclectic, vintage, bohemian

Her home styling advice: “Surround yourself with what you love. Your house is your own, your sanctuary…and it should reflect who you are and what makes you happy!”

Why she shops Homemakers: “Homemakers has such a great variety of both furniture and home décor that it’s easy to create a foundation for or build an entire look for a well-styled space.”

Janene’s style: “Clean, classic with a twist of modern”

Design trend she’s excited for: “I think pattern mixing and bold colors will be trends I love in 2017.”

Why she shops Homemakers: “They made the process of dining statement pieces so easy and seamless with so many options that fit my style perfectly!”

The introverted part of me thrives on quiet mornings like this.

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Nicky’s style: “fearless, whimsical, mix master.”

Her home styling advice: “Being ‘safe’ in your choices won’t bring you joy.”

Why she shops Homemakers: “I’m a designer based out of Williamsburg, Ia., and I work with clients on their new-build homes and also do interior design work. I bring all my clients to Homemakers for most projects, not only because they have a huge selection, but also because the showroom offers inspiration and helps me zone in on a client’s style and taste. And of course you can’t beat the prices!”

Shared boys room 🔷Conan & Calvin🔷 #nshomedesign

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Ana’s style: “simple, rustic, cozy.”

Design trend she’s excited for: “Color! I have been really drawn to neutral colors for the past few years and am excited to start incorporating some fresh pops of color into my home.”

Why she shops Homemakers: “I love all the options and styles Homemakers offers! It is so easy to walk into your store and find things that perfectly fit the aesthetic of my home. Specifically, I am obsessed with the Magnolia Home collection. I live in a farmhouse so that Fixer Upper style fits so naturally!”

pizza night + a cozy little nook that is finally coming together.

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