7 Homemakers Insta-Stylists to Watch in 2017

Home styling advice from Homemakers Insta-Stylists

It’s been quite a year here at Hm, etc.! From an exciting Pantone Color Series to the introduction of Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines to an extensive interior design style guide, we’ve been pretty busy.

But we’re not the only ones!

Our customers have a keen eye for design and we love to see how you style the pieces you find at Homemakers. In fact, we think of our customers as “Insta-stylists” and we’ve pulled some of our favorite photos from Instagram. These users tagged us in pictures showcasing their style and creativity and we’re excited to share them now! You can also read home styling tips, discover why Homemakers is their shopping destination and much more by reading our interview with each stylist.


5 Things You Need to Know Before Hosting a Cookie Exchange

How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party, from Homemakers

Christmas cookie exchanges are proof that this is truly is the most wonderful time of year. As a host, you’ll be busier than an elf prepping and coordinating everything for your sugar-filled extravaganza. Luckily for you, we hosted our own cookie exchange this week and wrote down all our tips afterward. Keep reading to find out how to host your own chic cookie exchange!


Hm Face Off: Which Room Design is Your Favorite?

room design, interior design, décor, home decorating ideas, wall décor, home ideas

This past week, our talented visual designers took part in a friendly face off. Each designer chose a theme and completely owned it on our showroom floor. Check out the inspiring photos of each room design below, read our interviews and gather home decorating ideas for your own living space.

Which design is your favorite?

Homemakers Warehouse Construction Update + Great Day Iowa Appearance!

Homemakers Warehouse Construction Update + Great Day Iowa Appearance!, new warehouse, furniture warehouse, homemakers warehouse, homemakers furniture

Homemakers Furniture has broken ground on another project that will add unparalleled depth to our customer service. One year after launching our e-commerce site, we’re expanding yet again. Our latest project is a 120,000-square-foot warehouse facility that will span the equivalent of 42 tennis courts, sitting on a five-acre plot of land on the northeast side of our property.


Did You Know We Offer Interior Design Help?

Get Interior Design Help with a Homemakers Design Consultation

How would you describe your living space? Is it a lackluster work in progress, an inspired accomplishment or something in-between? Maybe it needs a color injection, a bold conversation piece or even an entire furniture refresh.