Ashley Furniture: Take a Peek at Our Favorite Collections

Ashley Furniture Homemakers Furniture

We all know the name Ashley Furniture. It’s impossible to walk into any kind of furniture retailer and not see the triangular logo somewhere. We’re taking you through some of our favorite collections from one of Homemakers’ top-selling brands.

Homemakers’ Most Popular Furniture

popular furniture Homemakers Furniture

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to look back on the year we’ve had at Homemakers. Whether a classic style or a contemporary piece, we’ve enjoyed writing about all of the products we have to offer. Which products have you all loved this year?

Here are our top products in bedroom sets, mattresses and their accessories, living room furniture and dining and entertainment.


Everything You Need to Know About Bed in a Box Mattresses

bed in a box mattress Homemakers Furniture

Mattresses can be hard to transport from the store to your bedroom. A bed in a box is a great solution to the struggle. Homemakers carries bed in a box mattresses from brands you trust: Serta and Omaha Bedding. There are many different mattresses available that can fit whatever quality, comfort level and budget you’re looking for.

You Heard It Here First: HM Top 5 Sofa Brands

top sofa brands Homemakers Furniture

It’s the ideal place for game nights, the best place to enjoy a movie and the most comfortable place to cuddle up with your favorite book. Can you imagine your home without a sofa? We can’t! It’s where some of the coziest moments of our lives are spent. Homemakers has …

Daniel’s Amish Furniture: Heirloom Furniture for Every Room

Daniel's Amish furniture at Homemakers Furniture

An Ohio-based company, Daniel’s Amish is true to its name and was founded by Daniel Yoder, an Amish man who began building and selling woodwork in the 1990’s. Today, Daniel’s Amish produces gorgeous handcrafted furniture for the bedroom, dining room and living room using a unique blend of traditional Amish building methods and modern manufacturing facilities.