DIY Easter Table: How to Keep Little Ones Entertained

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Remember the kids’ table? You know, the little dining setup segregated from your “adulting” family. Whether it was a small, round dining table http://www.homemakers.com/kitchen-and-dining-tables/ or a pullout card table, almost everyone has experienced this seating arrangement, complete with waterproof tablecloth and paper napkins.

If you’re reading this post, we’re assuming you’ve now graduated to the adult table. Which means at mealtime, you understand the kids that need something more to look forward to than Uncle Phil’s casserole.

To help out, we talked to our senior visual designer, Brandon Roush. He shared tips on fashionable and fun Easter kids’ table decorations, like using a black sharpie to write names on terracotta pots and filling them with crayons for fun placeholders.

How to Host a Glamorous Oscars Viewing Party

Tips for hosting an Oscars viewing party from Homemakers Furniture

If your favorite season of the year is awards season, then you’re probably well-aware that the Academy Awards are quickly approaching. It’s the perfect excuse to get your friends together for food, fun and entertainment. This year, why not host a glamorous Oscars viewing party in your home? Scroll down to see our 7 tips on transforming your space for a chic Oscars viewing party.


Halloween Cocktails & Drinks To Die For

Halloween Drinks to Die For, Halloween cocktails, Halloween drinks, Halloween shots, Halloween drink recipes, home bar

Why did the ghost go into the bar? …for the Boos.

Okay, okay. Now that you have your go-to Halloween joke, we hope you’re ready for some spooky, at-home booze recipes. Get your home bar decked out with fluffy spider webs and festive home décor because these Halloween cocktails and drinks are scary good.

The Football Fan’s Kickoff Checklist

Homemakers' Football Season Essentials | Homemakers Furniture #football #iowa #iowastate #uni #isu #universityofnortherniowa

Are you ready for the rigors of football season?

This isn’t a post about two-a-days or wind sprints, calisthenics or route running.

We’re talking about the grueling schedule of the football fan: endless suspense and countless football games in a marathon of awesomeness that can — if one so chooses — encompass a wide swath of the already-too-short weekend.

Read on to learn about our five furniture essentials for any football fan.

A Salute to Summer: Our Favorite Mocktail Recipe

Refreshing Raspberry Limeade, mocktail, sparkling mocktail, lemonade, summer drinks

Labor Day’s just around the corner, and while we’re excited for sweaters, vibrant foliage and seasonal lattes, we know our summer weather’s going to be hanging around for a few more weeks. What better way to embrace the present and enjoy those warm, sun-dappled days than with a refreshing drink that embodies the best of summer?

This delicious drink combines plump, juicy berries and tart citrus for an invigorating taste you’ll love. It’s the ideal drink for any time of day, from a leisurely après-yoga brunch to an evening of socializing outdoors and enjoying your patio furniture. Plus, it’s nonalcoholic, making it perfect for everyone!