Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages

Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages, ways to entertain your kids through the summer months

It’s ice cream melting, swimsuit wearing, kid entertaining season! As school days fade into distant memories and the choruses of “I’m booored” begin, make sure your young ones aren’t lazing into excessive screen time indoors. Get unplugged and into the wild outdoors for endless entertainment. Even a tame backyard or cozy & compact patio will do the trick for refreshing summer crafts, stimulating activities and fun outdoor games for kids.

We’ve collected some lively activities that your kids can enjoy in the fresh breeze with warm sun rays kissing their skin. Inspire excitement to enjoy summer outside with this fun outdoor summer bucket list!

6 Outdoor Party Ideas to get Excited About

Six Outdoor Party Ideas to Get Excited About, homemakers furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor entertaining

The heat is on! Time to take the party outdoors. Whether you’re ready or not, swimsuit season is coming. Soon you’ll be lounging under shady palms, turquoise waves and white sand caressing your toes. Or, more accurately for our area, you’ll find yourself kicking up pebbly Midwest sand, carrying folding chairs to the charming, less-turquoise waters of Raccoon River.

Warm weather also brings the glorious return of sticky popsicle fingers and aroma of juicy grilled meat wafting on the breeze. Your calendar may already resemble a Jackson Pollock with scribbled reminders of Father’s Day grill outs, birthday get-togethers and graduation parties.

When the party comes to your backyard, be prepared with the perfect outdoor furniture, party themes and décor. Even if you have a cozy & compact patio, we have the goods to simplify your planning.

Here are six party themes along with the perfect furniture for any event that comes your way.

Crafting the Perfect Home Bar

Crafting the Perfect Home Bar

A cocktail sounds mighty nice, but venturing out in the frigid February night to partake? We’re not sure about that! Besides the added expense and the bone-chilling temperatures, wouldn’t it be easier just to whip up a drink from the comfort of your own home bar?

That’s where we can help! The Hm Rec Room has a wide range of home bars available, as well as some compact options that are perfect for smaller spaces. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some helpful features to look for as you begin your search:

Pool Tables & More at the Hm Rec Room

Let’s face it: Winter gets boring. You can’t get outside much, and when you do, it’s usually to shovel. On weekends like the one we just had, you can be snowed in for days! How do you stay entertained?

In our opinion, there’s nothing better for endless hours of fun than a hand-crafted pool table…