5 Things You Need to Know Before Hosting a Cookie Exchange

How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party, from Homemakers

Christmas cookie exchanges are proof that this is truly is the most wonderful time of year. As a host, you’ll be busier than an elf prepping and coordinating everything for your sugar-filled extravaganza. Luckily for you, we hosted our own cookie exchange this week and wrote down all our tips afterward. Keep reading to find out how to host your own chic cookie exchange!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s that time of year again: you find yourself standing in the store sweating profusely and wondering if Aunt Jean would be happier with a basket of soaps or a variety pack of gourmet popcorn this year. How about choosing something more personal? There’s nothing like a gift that speaks to someone’s personal likes or style.

We have a wide variety of gifts in our Holiday Marketplace that will appeal to everyone, no matter their style preferences. You’ll find a gift for everyone on your list from parents to distant relatives to the neighbor down the street (and you’ll probably walk out with some new decorations for yourself) with our ultimate holiday gift guide!


Homemakers Black Friday 2016

Black Friday at Homemakers

Black Friday 2016 is almost here, and here at Homemakers, we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve assembled all the information you need to know.

5 Ways to be Kind on World Kindness Day

How to Celebrate World Kindndess Day

Forget every other holiday you celebrate because World Kindness Day is the only day that matters (except maybe National Relaxation Day).
On November 13, people around the world will participate in the day that celebrates making connections with the people around us. Here are five easy ways you can participate in World Kindness Day!

How to Host Your First Friendsgiving

Get tips and tricks on hosting your first friendsgiving

So, you’re thinking about hosting your first friendsgiving this year. Well, buckle up because this isn’t your granny’s Thanksgiving. This is friendsgiving! It’s a time to kick back and spend quality time with your honorary “family” in a fun, laid back environment.

To properly show how to host a friendsgiving, we teamed up with one of our visual designers, Brandon Roush. Below, he shares décor advice, nametag ideas and tips on preparing for your first friendsgiving.