Interior Design Style Guide: Rustic Furniture

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You love the great outdoors, and you’ve daydreamed about heading up north and living off the land. You like flannel, and you’re not afraid to get a little dirty. You’re not into frills or fancy things. You’re solid and dependable, and you want everything in your home to be, too.

If this sounds familiar, then the rustic aesthetic is your style match. We’ll show you how to create a space that’s equal parts charming and rough-hewn.


Interior Design Style Guide: Country Furniture

country, country furniture, country style, country home decor, interior design styles

You love fresh flowers on a farmhouse table. You prefer an outdoor picnic to a sit-down restaurant. We would likely find soiled garden gloves sitting on your windowsill.

Sound familiar? If so, country design is your match made in heaven. You admire cozy country living spaces and strive to create a relaxing space.


Do You Really Know Traditional Interior Design?

traditional, traditional furniture, traditional home decor, interior design styles

You enjoy spending Sunday afternoon in a museum or browsing in antique shops. You understand people who prefer printed books to an e-reader. We would likely find you eating dinner in a cozy dining room with a grandiose rug underfoot.

If these statements ring true, your design soul mate is traditional. Warm, elegant surroundings speak to you, and you strive to create a timeless look and feel in your home. Your space leaves people commenting with words like: