New @ HM: Eclectic Summer Style

New at HM: Eclectic Summer Style

At Homemakers, we’re embracing summer style like nobody else with an array of attractive, eclectic home décor.
What’s new on our showroom floor this month? We’re debuting a wide array of eye-catching bedroom furniture, rustic home accents and luxuriously comfortable sofas.

New at Hm: Rustic Chic Furniture Designs

New @ Hm: Rustic Chic Furniture from Homemakers

What happens when modern style gets a rustic treatment? We’re calling it rustic chic furniture, and it’s in the spotlight this month at Homemakers. We think you’ll like this fresh approach to furniture style!

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the Newest Home Trends

Discover new home styles and trending furniture from Homemakers

Every day, our visual designers are incorporating new furniture and displays on our showroom floor. They’re constantly on the lookout for new home design ideas and the latest style trends. Catch up on the latest trending furniture and home design trends. We went behind the scenes with our visual designers to find out the inspiration behind four stunning showroom displays!