4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home (That You’ll Easily Keep!)

4 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

Ahhh, 2017 will soon be upon us. This is when you’ll sit down and draw up a list of everything you are definitely-for-sure-100-percent going to accomplish in order to become a more accomplished person, like finally becoming a dedicated yogi or growing award-winning parsley in the backyard. That’s great, we applaud you for committing to your hobbies or health! But what about your home?

If you are an apartment dweller, renter or homeowner, there are probably some projects you can pick up that will make your home cleaner, updated or just plain safer. We’ve put together some common New Year’s home resolutions with suggestions on achieving and then maintaining these changes through the next year.

The 11 Questions You Must Ask Your College Roommate

Going from high school to college dorm life can be tough. Going over these questions with your future roommate will help your transition.

Going off to college is a huge adjustment. You’re living away from home—maybe even across the country—and out of your comfort zone. The good news is you’re far from alone. In fact, there’s one person we can guarantee you’ll be spending a lot of quality time with right off the bat—your freshman roommate.
That might not be the most comforting thought for many people, but the truth is your roommate can be a big help in those first few weeks. From the day you move in, you have someone right there who’ll go with you to get dinner, explore campus and figure out your residence hall’s temperamental washing machines.

Let’s back up a second, though. First, you have to actually get your roommate assignment. After doing a little social media snooping (don’t lie, we know you do it), it’s time to make contact. Living with a stranger is nerve-wracking for even the most outgoing people, but we’ve come up with a list of informative icebreakers that will help you get the roommate relationship off to a great start.

Even if you’ve opted to live with someone you’ve known since kindergarten, it’s a good idea to ask them these questions, too. Living with someone often brings a new set of challenges to the surface, and it can change the dynamic of a friendship—make sure it’s for the better.

Home Storage Solutions for your New Years Resolutions

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One of the more common New Year resolutions can also be one of the most daunting: home organization and home storage.

Where do you begin? Instead of diving in, becoming quickly overwhelmed and abandoning it for another year, tackle it one room at a time with the goal of eliminating clutter and finding a home for everything.

Take a look at some of our favorite storage ideas.

Four Essentials for Your Home Office

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Finding the perfect furniture for your home office has never been easier. Whether you’re outfitting a new space or adding to a current one, here are four key players that’ll help you make the most of the space.

Cut the Clutter in Your Entryway

Cut the clutter in your entryway

The entryway plays an important role in any home. It’s a high-profile area that sees lots of traffic, but that also means it can be a catch-all for clutter. Here are some of our favorite ideas for staying organized. None is a written-in-stone rule, but more a suggestion that you might find applicable to your unique situation.