Mattress Reviews from Well-Rested Homemakers Customers

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When’s the best time to buy a new mattress? Yesterday, if your current mattress isn’t cutting the mustard.

Good sleep is a reachable dream, and we can get you there! Here are five recent mattress reviews from Homemakers customers who are now enjoying great sleep.

Mattress dimensions: Which mattress size fits you best?

A new mattress is one of the most popular purchases new home buyers make, after, of course, the house.

It’s the perfect time to upgrade your quality of sleep and shed yourself of that lumpy, dumpy old mattress that just isn’t cutting it anymore. After all, nothing beats climbing into a comfortable, new bed after a long day of hauling boxes.

But what mattress size do you need? We’ve put together a handy guide of mattress sizes, designed to help you find the best fit for your unique circumstances. All sizes listed are approximate. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Your path to better sleep begins now!


Infographic: Mattress Brands at Homemakers

Top Mattress Brands at Homemakers Furniture

A mattress is the most often-used piece of furniture in your home, unless you’re particularly proficient in the couch potato arts. So it goes without saying that buying a new mattress isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Where’s the best place to buy a mattress? Well, we might be a bit biased, but with knowledgeable sleep specialists, a 180-night Sleep Guarantee and more than 80 mattresses on the showroom floor to try out for yourself (plus many more online!), we think Homemakers is a worthy contender.


Can’t sleep? Try these New Years resolutions

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Get better sleep is an admirable goal for 2016, but what does that actually look like in practice?

A complex topic requires a well-rounded approach. Here are some New Years resolutions and sleep tips you can adopt to improve your snooze and make 2016 the year of better sleep.