Sleep Like a Pro with a Stearns and Foster Mattress

Sleep Like a Pro with a Mattress from Stearns & Foster, Homemakers Furniture

PGA tour golfer Louis Oosthuizen is serious about good sleep.

Ever since falling in love with a Stearns and Foster mattress, the 2010 British Open champ has hauled one with him to tournaments around the country.

Logistics prevented Oosthuizen from bringing it to last month’s U.S. Open in University Place, Wash., so he asked Stearns and Foster for help.

The company jumped in to action, building a mattress to his specifications (a Lux Estate, in case you were wondering) in its Lacey, Wash. plant and delivering it to his hotel room. It must’ve worked: Oosthuizen rocketed up the standings with back-to-back rounds of 66 and finished second overall, just one stroke behind Jordan Spieth.

DREAMing of a New Mattress? These Tips Will Help

Dreaming of a New Mattress? These Tips Will Help!

Shopping for a new mattress can seem like a daunting task. With a seemingly endless assortment of brands, materials, designs and features, it can be enough to throw your hands up in frustration and endure another night of subpar sleep on that lumpy, dumpy old mattress.

But rest easy: Homemakers is here to make your mattress shopping experience not only easy, but also — dare we say — enjoyable! We’ve put together a helpful list of questions to consider when shopping for your next mattress. It’s arranged in an easy-to-remember D-R-E-A-M format. Your path to excellent sleep begins here!

More than the Mattress: 5 Accessories for Quality Sleep

More than the Mattress: 5 Accessories for Quality Sleep, bedroom, sleep shop, sleep better, sleep, homemakers furniture

Everyone knows a quality mattress is central to good sleep, but the supporting players shouldn’t be overlooked either. A well-rounded sleep experience is critical in ensuring support, comfort and longevity.

Let’s take a closer look at five must-have sleep accessories every bedroom should have.


10 Tips for Better Sleep

10 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep, sleep, bed, mattress, mattresses, homemakers mattresses, urbandale, des moines, sleep shop

Sleep’s important. Everyone knows that. But for some of us, it proves elusive. Wracked by insomnia, we lie awake at night, either staring at the ceiling, fiddling with our phones or watching the clock creep toward morning.

Does that sound like you, too? If so, knock it off! Treat yourself to better sleep with these tips.

Mattress Buying Made Simple

Mattress Buying Made Simple, mattress, mattresses, homemakers, homemakers mattress, homemakers furniture, sleep shop, sleep better, sleep

Whether you like your mattress firm or soft, queen or king, memory foam or coil springs, you’re sure to find a mattress that fits at Homemakers. Now, we’ve made searching for a mattress even easier with the Find Your Mattress page on our website! Simply enter your desired size, comfort level and price range, and we’ll show you all the options available based on your preferences. It doesn’t get much easier than that!