Stylist Spotlight

Homemakers Instastylists

We always love seeing what our stylish customers do with their new furniture once they leave the store. What room did that mirror accentuate? Where did they put that accent chair to change up your space? We want to know! That’s why we created the Insta-stylists series.

Our Instastylist spotlight features customers who have beautifully created their home with Homemakers furniture. From couches, to mirrors, to cabinets and more! Full of interviews, links to products, photographs and inspiration, this series will fill your home design obsession.

You could become the next Homemakers Instastylist by doing these three things:

  1. Take a picture of your Homemakers furniture
  2. Post it to Instagram
  3. Tag us- @shophomemakers. Ensure we can see your photograph by making it public!

The HM, etc. blog is a great source of style of inspiration but we also love to be inspired in turn by our readers. Some of our Instastylists are so dynamic that we check back in with them to learn more about their design advice, favorite trends, decor tricks and of course, even more inspiration!

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