Conscious Curation: Rethinking the Gallery Wall

Conscious Curation: Rethinking the Gallery Wall, wall art, wall decor, home decor, homemakers furniture

With temperatures beginning to drop, we’re all getting ready to spend a lot more time indoors. It’s a season of turning inward—both literally and figuratively.

Before the rush of the holiday season sets in, now’s the time to take a good look at your home and ask yourself an important question: does your home truly fit who you are?

We tend to get hung up on the fantasy of this perfect home that’s always just beyond reach. So many things are out of our hands when it comes to our homes, whether we rent or own. Instead of feeling discouraged by the things you can’t change, why not make the most of your surroundings?

Designing a space that speaks to you and makes you feel happy is easy to do with a high-impact, minimal-effort gallery wall! Here’s how:

Find your space. We love the idea of putting a gallery wall somewhere unexpected, such as a hallway or stairway. Hanging eye-catching art in a transitional area reminds us to enjoy our journey, not just our destination.

Pick a unifying theme. Maybe you’re most content relaxing on a beach or exploring far-off cities. Maybe you’re a history buff, an animal lover or a master gardener. Showcase your passions by incorporating some related pieces into your gallery wall.

Mix media. Don’t be afraid to combine pieces with different frame styles and finishes. Diversity gives your gallery wall the appearance of having been collected over time. If that seems intimidating, using weathered wood tones, metallics and neutrals together creates a subtle look with plenty of style.

Think outside the box. Take your gallery wall one step further by incorporating frameless pieces, shelves, mirrors and more. Adding dimensional contrast is an important part of achieving that unique, well-styled look.

Go organic with your layout. Don’t fixate on spacing. A clearly defined grid can look great, but we love the fluidity of a less rigid arrangement. It adds visual interest and allows your gallery wall to evolve as you find new pieces you love.

Be sure to share pictures of your gallery walls with us on Facebook or Instagram—we’d love to see what you’ve done with the place!

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