Cozy & Compact: Stylish, Practical Living in Small Spaces

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Why “Cozy & Compact”?

Furnishing smaller homes can often pose unique challenges. However, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and style while sticking to space and budget constraints. All it takes is a little creativity—and a little help from Homemakers!

In our Cozy & Compact series, we’ll take you through each room of your home, suggesting great looks that combine form and function on a smaller scale. Plus, with our legendary low prices, you’ll know you’re getting a great deal that you won’t find elsewhere.

Cozy & Compact living room, small space living, organization

Before we get started, it’s important to examine your attitude about your home. A fresh, new look won’t make a difference if you view a smaller space as a burden. It can be a huge asset! Just think:

  • Smaller homes are generally more affordable, which can make it easier to save up for expenses that are a little more fun than rent or mortgage payments.
  • Everything in your home counts. There’s no room for unnecessary clutter, and there’s no temptation to buy things you don’t need or love.
  • Smaller homes require less time for cleaning and general upkeep. Enough said.
  • Every room is utilized—there are no “just look; don’t touch” spaces that are never fully appreciated.
  • Smaller homes encourage people to spend more time together. Plus, you don’t need to yell to get someone’s attention.
  • You have almost no chance of surprise houseguests overstaying their welcome—or lack thereof.
  • Art and accessories make a bigger impact. It’s much easier to add personality to a smaller space and make it feel like home.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Cozy & Compact series! In the meantime, tell us: what do you love about your small space? What are your biggest obstacles?

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