Cut the Clutter in Your Entryway

Cut the clutter in your entryway

The entryway plays an important role in any home. It’s a high-profile area that sees lots of traffic, but that also means it can be a catch-all for clutter. Here are some of our favorite ideas for staying organized. None is a written-in-stone rule, but more a suggestion that you might find applicable to your unique situation.


A place for every item. Establish what goes where. Having a defined space for items is important. Without a plan, you invite disarray and stress, and who has time for that? Trays like these, available in our Winter Accessory Marketplace, are great for keys, purses, wallets, mail and more.

Cut the clutter with a stylish tray

Hidden Storage

Closed cabinet; cut the clutter
Open cabinet; cut the clutter

Out of sight. Hidden storage is a great deterrent for clutter, allowing you the opportunity to establish a neat, tidy and inviting space for guests and family members alike. This, of course, takes many forms and depends on your unique space. A cabinet like this makes the most of its vertical space to offer an abundance of storage. Its two planked doors swing open to reveal three spacious shelves and two pullout drawers. We have dozens of accent pieces like this available here, and even more available on our showroom floor. Two good places to start your search are in the accessory marketplace by the front doors and the accent furniture section by customer service.


Outside the box: Get creative with your furniture selection. Pieces that were originally intended for other rooms can add value to your entryway.

  • A lingerie chest offers multiple drawers and a small footprint that generally takes up less than 3 sq. ft.
  • A cupboard’s deep drawers and adjustable shelves offer an excellent storage option for bulky items like coats, hats and mittens.

Don’t overstuff – Sure, you could probably wedge another scarf in that already packed cabinet, but you’re only setting yourself up for future frustration when you can’t find the item you want. A little prior preparation saves time ­— and stress — in the long run.

Chest of drawers, cut the clutter

Multitaskers – We love items that perform multiple duties. This oak hall tree, also available in white and black, has four hooks for hanging coats, hats and more. The bench seat provides an ideal spot to strap on boots, the top flips open to reveal a spacious storage compartment and the full-length mirror visually enlarges and brightens the space, a feature that would be welcome in any entryway. Whew! That’s a lot of value packed into one item.

Hallway organization, cut the clutter

Sunny Designs offers a rustic touch with the same idea. The hooks are sturdy railroad spikes, while the extra-wide design allows for additional storage space in the base.

Divide and conquer: Each family member gets a bin or basket and the directive to use it! With this approach, everyone shares in the responsibility. More organization leads to less guesswork and stress for everyone.

Finishing Touches

Homemakers showroom floor w/ rug, cut the clutter

Rugs: Once you have a system in place, consider a cozy rug for inviting style and warmth in your tidy new entryway. Polypropylene rugs offer superior softness and incredible value, while wool rugs are known for their resilience and durability.

A rug pad is also a worthwhile addition. It offers a skid-proof layer between the rug and your floor, adding cushioning and extending the life of the rug.

What tips and tricks do you use to organize your entryway? Tell us below!

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