5 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

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“I’m boooooored.”

If you’ve heard that statement one too many times this winter, you’re not alone.

On the days when the temperature isn’t well below freezing, early thaws turn everything to mud—hardly convenient for little ones begging to be allowed outside.

That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up some great ways to entertain little ones and maintain harmony in your home with these five indoor winter activities for kids. You’ll have so much fun that you just might want winter to last a little longer!

5 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

1. Build a teepee

When we saw the tipi our amazing visual display team put together, we were eager to recreate the look in our own homes—even those of us without kids! Here’s  an easy way to build a tipi of your own!

indoor winter activities for kids

2. Grow your own snowflakes

indoor winter activities for kids

This activity is part science project, part arts and crafts, making it appealing to kids with varying interests. Experiment with food coloring and different colors of pipe cleaners to create cool looks!

3. Have an indoor beach day

indoor winter activities for kids

Put on your swimsuits, grab some towels and relax on your make-believe beach! Kids can play volleyball with an inflatable beach ball (after you’ve secured any breakable items, of course), hunt for shells and play Marco Polo throughout the house. Create a fun, summery menu—and don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!

4. Create a signature cookie recipe

indoor winter activities for kids

Let your little ones pick their mix-ins, and encourage them to get creative! Be sure to save their new recipe. It’ll make for some fun memories—plus, who knows? That peanut butter and pickle concoction just might be good.

5. Put the little ones in the director’s chair

indoor winter activities

Making a stop-motion video is a fun way to bring imagination to life, and it’s easier than you think! Have kids reenact a favorite story or let them make up their own plot using toys and other household items. Once you’ve put it all together, have a viewing party, complete with popcorn!

Share your ideas for indoor winter activities!

How do you keep little ones entertained when cabin fever strikes? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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