Cozy & Compact: Living Room Ideas for Your Small Space

Small living rooms can be just as stylish and inviting as larger spaces. Here are five ways to maximize your space while creating a look that suits your style.

Edit your Home Décor

It’s easy to get intimidated by a small living room, because it can sometimes seem like tiny spaces have no happy medium between over-filled and austere. You do need to be mindful about messiness, but that’s no reason to have a room that’s completely devoid of personality.

Just try to keep home accessories within a specific theme or color palette for a curated, clutter-free look.

Add Wall Décor

Wall décor has the ability to completely transform a space by adding personality and drawing the eyes upward. Mirrors are another great way to add dimension. They reflect light and visually enlarge the space—plus, a stylish frame offers the perfect complement to your style.

Hang wall art and mirrors properly by centering the piece’s vertical midpoint at 57” high. This provides the ideal viewing angle and creates a harmonious look with the rest of your furniture.

Unwind in Style

In a small home, you might feel like you’re limited to using small, uncomfortable furniture that makes relaxing and entertaining practically impossible. That’s not the case! There are tons of great options on the market, from two-piece sectionals to loveseats that are sure to fit your home and your style.

Sleepers and sofa beds also pull double-duty, making them fantastic choices for accommodating guests and maximizing your space.

Simple Storage Solutions

Multi-tasking pieces like storage ottomans are key for small spaces. Not only do they provide a convenient space to stash clutter, but their versatile designs also allow them to function as foot rests and entertainment surfaces.

They’re also easy to move throughout your home and repurpose as you see fit. Storage ottomans are great for kids’ rooms, rec rooms and more.

Start Nesting

Nesting tables are fantastic options for homes of any size, but they really shine in small spaces. These flexible designs can act as multiple side tables, letting you rearrange them to suit your needs. Nesting tables are a great option for entertaining and everyday life—plus, they can be easily tucked away when not in use.

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