Farmhouse Dining Tables for Any Budget

Farmhouse dining table ideas for every budget
[Updated 12/21/2018]

Whether you’re a city slicker or rural resident, you’ve probably heard of farmhouse style by now. Its airy colors and natural accents give you the Joanna Gaines look without the responsibility of 7 a.m. cow-milking sessions. We simply can’t get enough of this fresh take on country style! One of our favorite features? Farmhouse dining tables!

A woodsy, farmhouse dining table creates a stunning focal point in any home. We’re not promising you’ll score dinner guests like Joanna Gaines, but we can guarantee you plenty of farmhouse table choices for your lifestyle and budget. Plus, we have a variety of dining chairs that you can mix and match to add personality.

Affordable Farmhouse Dining Tables

Scroll down to discover the right fit for your budget. No matter which price range you’re looking in, we guarantee you’ll find the lowest price here!

Farmhouse Tables Under $300

Farmhouse Tables Under $600

Farmhouse Tables Under $1,000

Farmhouse Tables Under $2,800

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