Homemakers Customer Wins Big with Guardsman

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Homemakers Furniture has partnered with Guardsman to offer our customers the absolute best in furniture protection.

One of our customers, Ashely, decided to put her trust in Guardsman to protect a recent furniture purchase and was rewarded with peace of mind, the satisfaction of saving a few dollars on her furniture now and on potential repairs in the future… and $1500 to spend at Homemakers!

How Ashley won $1500 with Guardsman

Like Homemakers, Guardsman wants you to be 100% confident in your decision to purchase their products. That’s why they feature customer reviews on their website! Recently, they sponsored an enter-to-win contest: any customer who wrote a review on their website would be entered to win a $1500 shopping spree at the furniture store where they purchased their plan. It just so happens that Ashley was drawn as the winner, and she purchased her plan right here at Homemakers.

Here’s Ashley’s review: “We had Guardsman come remove a pet stain on our couch and were very impressed with their service. Customer Service was helpful and professional when I called. We were able to have someone come out within 2 days of calling to remove the stain. The gentlemen who came were professional and explained everything they did. We are very happy we purchased the Guardsman Protection Plan.”

We were so excited that Ashley was the winner of this giveaway!

Protect your Investment

Homemakers has you covered like never before with new furniture protection plans from Guardsman. With nearly a century of expertise in the furniture care business, Guardsman is an established, secure and valuable Homemakers partner. You’ll get a service plan that will help extend the life of your furniture while protecting against those inevitable uh-oh! moments.

Guardsman employs an experienced, nationwide network of expert technicians who will travel to your home to fix accidental damage like stains, tears and scratches. It’s the ultimate in convenience and service, restoring your furniture to its original condition. If the damage from a covered event can’t be repaired, Guardsman will replace it!

Homemakers is proud to offer seven Guardsman protection plans. To learn more, call 1-888-967-7467 or chat online with one of our customer service agents.

Accidents happen! Give yourself peace of mind to know that your new furniture investment is protected against life’s little accidents with a Guardsman protection plan from Homemakers!

Other Homemakers customers say…

Ashley’s not the only one leaving positive feedback about the Guardsman Protection Plans. A quick glance at homemakers.com reveals several customers who are quite happy with the addition of Guardsman to their furniture purchase. Here are some of our favorite Guardsman reviews:

“This was our first purchase of leather furniture and we spent over $1900 for the furniture. The protection plan comes to about $18 per year, and for complete protection and peace of mind, it is well worth it.” -Mjollnir, West Des Moines, IA

“This is for our main La-Z-Boy recliner. We felt that adding Guardsman protection would add more life to this chair. So glad we did…our house cats even enjoy sitting with us!” -bargain hunter, Prairie City, IA

“I just got my furniture, so I have not used the protection plan yet. I always buy protection for furniture because I have kids and animals.” Melissa, Des Moines, IA

“I bought this a couple of months ago. Life happens. To not insure valuable leather furniture would be like not insuring your car. You take good care of both of them but as you see in the junk yards, life happens.” -Andie, West Des Moines, IA

“We purchased this coverage in hopes of never using it. BUT, being as we have kids and animals, if we do need it, we have it! So far, so good!” – Nikkijorge, Clive, IA

Have you purchased a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan? We’d love to know what you think of it (and so would other shoppers!). Leave us a review at homemakers.com!

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