More than the Mattress: 5 Accessories for Quality Sleep

More than the Mattress: 5 Accessories for Quality Sleep, bedroom, sleep shop, sleep better, sleep, homemakers furniture

Everyone knows a quality mattress is central to good sleep, but the supporting players shouldn’t be overlooked either. A well-rounded sleep experience is critical in ensuring support, comfort and longevity.

Let’s take a closer look at five must-have sleep accessories every bedroom should have.

The Box Spring

Does your current box spring — or foundation — date back to the Clinton administration? While you might consider keeping it and throwing a new mattress on top, we suggest getting a new one with your mattress purchase. Why?

Box springs are designed and constructed with the coordinating mattress in mind to provide a strong and stable surface. Using an old box spring with a new mattress can cause irregular and premature wear. In addition, it’ll void your manufacturer’s warranty. One exception to this is if you have a platform bed, which uses a built-in slat system to support the mattress.

Box springs typically come in two heights, a regular version (about 9 in. tall) and a low-profile version (about 5 in. tall). The low-profile version is especially useful with a thicker, taller mattress. Note that some queen (and all king) foundations come split in two pieces for easier maneuverability.

For fully customizable sleep, consider an adjustable foundation. These adjustable bases let you customize your comfort by raising or lowering the head and feet. Some even offer premium features like wireless remotes, Bluetooth connectivity, massage settings and built-in chargers.

The Bed Frame

A mattress on the floor can be a great thing if your desired aesthetic is “just moved in.” But mattresses — especially memory foam mattresses — need to breathe. A mattress on the floor limits airflow, traps moisture, encourages mold growth and makes it easier for bed bugs to climb in. None of that sounds like fun to us.

A bed frame gives your mattress and foundation a strong, supportive base. The sleep surface is higher off the ground, making it easier to get into and out of, and it keeps your mattress investment out of the inevitable dust and dirt that accumulates on floors over time while making it much easier to clean around.

We like Glideaway bed frames. The American, family-owned company offers great value with all-steel construction, pre-sized cross arms and special rug rollers that allow for easy movement over carpeted surfaces. Best of all, Glideaway frames are easy to assemble and don’t require tools or measuring.

If you’re buying for a queen- or king-sized bed, make sure the frame has a center support. With increased weight and a larger surface area, that support is needed to keep the foundation or box spring from breaking.

The Mattress Pad

Since stains and soiling on your new mattress void the manufacturer’s warranty, adding a mattress protector at the time of purchase is one of the wisest investments you can make.

Mattress pads provide exceptional comfort for you and dependable protection for your mattress. Look for one that is 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Homemakers carries a full line of Southern Textiles/Leggett & Platt mattress protectors. We like the Cool Contact mattress protector. Its specially engineered fibers offer a capillary effect that directs perspiration away from the skin. Its unique construction promises incredible temperature regulation for exceptional sleep.

The Bedding

Dream Guard microfiber bed sheets provide unparalleled comfort, outstanding durability and unbeatable value. The 100-gram microfiber threads are individually brushed and arranged in a loose weave. The result is a supremely comfortable 1200-thread count feel with maximum breathability. They’re also wrinkle-free and resist fading for long-lasting vibrance and softness.

We have an incredible selection of bedding and comforter sets and are adding more every day!

The Pillows

Pillows play a big role in comfort, support and body alignment. Believe it or not, most pillows need to be replaced every 1-2 years. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced yours, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Explore our full selection of bed pillows here.

Manufacturers are now devoting the same energy to bed pillows that they do to mattresses. One of our customer favorites is Tempur-Pedic’s extra-soft pillow. Soft Tempur material is enveloped by a Tempur-ES sleeve for the same contouring comfort that made Tempur-Pedic famous.

Our mattress selector at makes shopping easy. You choose the size, the comfort level and the price range, and we narrow the search to match you with the perfect mattress. From there, you can add the corresponding box spring, bed frame mattress protector to your order with ease. It’s that easy!

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