New at Hm: Colorful Home Office Ideas

New at Hm: Colorful Home Office Ideas | Home Office | New at Hm | Homemakers Furniture

Drab should be the last word you use to describe your home office. Many at-home workspaces begin with magnificent plans but end up sinking into a bleak collection of a computer desk, cabinets and a lonely office chair. But not in our house! And, with our office solutions, it won’t happen in yours either.

Make your home office your best office.

Make your think-nook a stimulating space that inspires! You can create a lively, uplifting area with pops of color and fun accessory pieces. Let our vibrant folder wall kick-start your office inspiration.

Desk and décor decisions.

This gorgeous, rustic chic desk proves that home office furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Personality shines through with the mini wooden file trays and mixed-media construction. We also have lookalike office desks online, like one of our favorites: this rustic, steel-framed Belmont Office Credenza. Add a console cabinet, like the distressed Altair in our display, and you create plenty of office storage space to file away all your hard work at the day’s end.

When it comes to décor, your workspace accessories should be functional and maximize efficiency with organizational features. Think about filling your space with a stylish electronics charging station, patterned file organizers, aesthetic informational poster or an unconventional pen holder. Or add a unique vase holding a plant for a breath of fresh life.

Accessories help bridge the gap between the comfort of your own home and functionality of an office. You might even hang some colorful file organizers on the wall, because why not? Thinking outside the box starts with your office design.

Light it up!

One of the easiest ways to transform your workspace is by taking advantage of the lighting situation. Desk lamps present a fantastic opportunity to showcase your unique style without sacrificing functionality. For a classy, unique feel, check out the Manchester Metal Lamp with curving lines and a matte black base. Or go for cheeky humor with a self-referential Edison Lamp. Whatever your taste, well-chosen office lighting should flaunt it.

Work hard, play hard.

From a sleek, modern office design to rustic, shabby chic, stimulating furnishings will keep your mood and productivity soaring. What are your favorite features about your home office? Share photos of them with us on Instagram or Facebook.

For even more home office inspiration, visit our Cozy & Compact Home Offices post! There, you’ll find tips for keeping an office of any size in order, great pieces of furniture to keep you organized, and some more inspiration straight from our showroom floor!

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