New at Hm: Retro Home Bar Inspiration

New at Hm-Retro Home Bar Inspiration, home bar, retro, records, vinyl, homemakers furniture, homemakers, vintage

While sleek, new and shiny is fantastic, sometimes you just need some space to reminisce on the good ole’ times. Come visit our creative home bar setup to see if you’ve owned any of the records we have hanging, or stop by to gather some retro décor inspiration. This vignette creates a moment that you can easily recreate in your own home bar.

The rock ‘n roll energy and retro theme inspire in true Flashback Friday style with a colorful wall of vinyl record covers, Elvis Presley-style microphone décor and home bar furnishings that showcase a vintage vibe. Lift your glass and your mood in a lively, entertaining surrounding.

Create your own retro home bar

Accents like a vintage car figurine, rock ‘n roll anthem accent signs or mixed genres of hanging vinyl create a fun, conversational atmosphere where guests can instantly relax and have a good time. You can bring that ambiance to your home with the same bar furniture that we love.

Set a bottle filled with lights on an elegant, paneled Catania Bar or find some second-hand records to hang above your Ricardo Slim Back Bar. And, of course, you’ll need some classy bar stools to swivel on, like our bonded leather cushion Cambridge Stools.

If your home bar needs a shot of new life or a fresh dynamic, consider our vinyl display as inspiration for choosing your home bar furniture and décor. We’d love to see what you’ve created on Instagram or Twitter (we’re @shophomemakers on both), so make sure to tag us when you share photos of your retro home bar!

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