DREAMing of a New Mattress? These Tips Will Help

Dreaming of a New Mattress? These Tips Will Help!

Shopping for a new mattress can seem like a daunting task. With a seemingly endless assortment of brands, materials, designs and features, it can be enough to throw your hands up in frustration and endure another night of subpar sleep on that lumpy, dumpy old mattress.

But rest easy: Homemakers is here to make your mattress shopping experience not only easy, but also — dare we say — enjoyable! We’ve put together a helpful list of questions to consider when shopping for your next mattress. It’s arranged in an easy-to-remember D-R-E-A-M format. Your path to excellent sleep begins here!

Determine who will be sleeping on the new mattress.

Are you buying the mattress for yourself, you and a partner, a child or even guests?

Queen and king mattresses are ideal for two people. A queen-sized mattress is 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a full-sized mattress. A king-sized mattress is 16 inches wider than a queen for even more room.

Recall your normal sleep position.

Do you typically sleep on your back, side or stomach?

For many side and back sleepers, a pillow top or plush mattress is a good fit. You’ll get cradling softness with enough support for pressure point relief. Plush mattresses are also versatile, making them a good choice for guest rooms.

If you sleep on your stomach, consider a firm mattress. The surface of a firm mattress allows for better spinal alignment, which can help reduce back pain.

Evaluate how your feel on your current mattress.

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up? Do you wake up often with back pain or stiffness in your neck and shoulders?

If you said yes to any of these questions, a new mattress could make a world of difference. And if your tossing and turning disrupts your partner’s sleep, a memory foam mattress, or one with individually wrapped coils, would be a good option for improved motion separation.

Analyze the details.

How soon would you like your new mattress to arrive? What’s your budget?

Don’t be discouraged by the price tag. Since a third of your life is spent in bed, a new mattress is an investment in better sleep that’ll be used more than any other piece of furniture in your home.

In fact, a mattress priced at $1,000 works out to just 34 cents per day for the next eight years. And with our current Fourth of July sale, adding a new mattress has never been easier. Use your Homemakers/Nebraska Furniture Mart charge card on a purchase of $999 or more and you’ll receive two years of financing with no interest if paid in full by June 2017! This offer is good only through Wednesday, July 8, so don’t miss out.

Make a trip to Homemakers or Homemakers.com.

If you’re shopping in store, one of our highly trained mattress specialists will compile your needs and wants (this list is a good start!), then take all the guesswork out of the equation to match you with the perfect mattress.

Shopping online is a snap, too! With our mattress selector at homemakers.com, you choose your size, your comfort level and your price range, and we narrow the search for you to hone in on the ideal fit. You can even read mattress reviews from fellow customers, allowing you to shop with confidence. It couldn’t be easier!

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