Fourth of July Party Ideas and Essentials

fourth of July party ideas

Vibrant orange sparks of light. Thundering cracks of sky-high explosions. Red, white and blue melting together. You gaze in awe at the display of patriotic splendor against a dark sky. Surrounded by loved ones with heavy stomachs from a juicy barbecue meal, you take a deep breath and feel your chest tighten with pride. “The Star-Spangled Banner” rings through the air and you think this is the greatest country in the world. And you’re right.

America the beautiful deserves the most magnificent birthday bash of the year. Prepare to feast in the name of freedom with delicious Fourth of July desserts, barbecue and grilling. Get your grand ole’ flag decorations ready to fly high in illustrious glory.

To celebrate our beloved land of the free and home of the brave, here are six Fourth of July party ideas and essentials to make your get-together begin and end with a bang.

Red, White and Blue Centerpiece Ideas

Are you throwing a stiff get-together or a firecracking party?! Because it’s not officially a celebration without a festive centerpiece. Wow your guests with your impressive DIY crafting skills, or realize your limited creative abilities and go snag a ‘Merica-themed showstopper. We have an impressive collection of Fourth of July decorations in-store that will help focus your feast on a patriotic scene.

fourth of july party ideas
  1. Enjoy a functional centerpiece by setting drinks on an eye-catching tray. It’s a refreshing addition for the eyes and taste buds!
  2. Create a portable table for your guests or use this flag-painted tray set to serve drinks, condiments or desserts.
  3. The grand ole’ flag is a centerpiece essential. Whether it’s a star and striped art piece or pillow, America’s colors should be part of any centerpiece idea.
  4. Use patriotic picture frames to make a photo display showing off your kids, your vacation or loved military members.
  5. Turn a rustic drawer into a creative centerpiece by grouping candles inside or lining it with parchment paper and serving trail mix, candies or fruit in it.

Fourth of July Barbecue & Grilling Recipes

It’s not Fourth of July unless there are plates being loaded with juicy, steaming deliciousness. Your guests have arrived with hearts full of nationalist pride, now it’s time to fill their stomachs. Here are a few of our favorite barbecue and grilling Fourth of July recipes for drool-worthy eats.

  1. Best-ever barbecued ribs, from Bon Appetit
  2. Spicy yellow hot dog mustard, from Chow
  3. Grilled corn with lime and cheese, from Real Simple
  4. Stuffed border burger, from My Recipes
  5. Bacon bourbon barbeque chicken kabobs, from Host the Toast
  6. Firecracker grilled Alaska salmon, from All Recipes

Fourth of July Decorations

Let the red, white and blue flow, lest your guests forget the true reason they’re raising the roof. Lift up your grand ole’ flag and don festive decorations with star décor and flag-clad accessories. Use the red, white and blue filters to find home decor like accent tables that add a pop of patriotic color to your Fourth of July get-together. And we have a colorful collection of decorative Independence Day trinkets in-store that will inspire you to step up your party décor. Here’s just a small snippet of the star-spangled splendor we have in-store. Come peruse our patriotic pieces in-person to experience our showroom of seasonal inspiration.

fourth of July party ideas

Fourth of July Desserts

It’s America’s birthday, so enjoy your cheat day. Satiate that sweet tooth with some star-spangled desserts that taste as good as they look, like the classic Fourth of July fruit-decorated flag cake. Here are a few treats that look so yummy, we might just sneak some before the main meal’s ready.

  1. Flag cake, from Food Network
  2. Red, white and blue ice cream pie, from Good Housekeeping
  3. Red, white and blue scones, from Two Peas & Their Pod
  4. Patriotic watermelon stars, from The Sister’s Café
  5. Patriotic stained glass Jello, from Krissy’s Creations

After-Dark Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fireworks aren’t the only way to light up. We have enough illuminating, patriotic décor to make anyone consider pushing their shindig back a few hours and celebrating under twinkling lights. You can bring a warm glow to your party with DIY bug-repelling lighting, glow in the dark stars or clusters of candles. We also have a beautiful collection of fire pits that’ll make you wonder why you’ve gone all this time without one. Oh, and don’t forget the sparklers!

fourth of July party ideas

How are you celebrating the best holiday of the year? Tag us in your patriotic photos on Instagram or share your Fourth of July party ideas with us on Facebook. We hope you have a fun, safe Fourth!

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