Cozy & Compact: Decorating Secrets for Small Space Living

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Does your small living space feel more confining than cozy?

Don’t let limited space limit your style. With these clever decorating secrets, you can create the illusion of a spacious retreat in any square footage.

Airy Colors

Lighten up! Bright colors create a more spacious, airy appearance. Try incorporating sheer curtains, white- or gray-washed woods and soft-hued accents for a more open look and feel.

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Unified Design

When rooms share design elements, the eye travels easily through the entire space. Try repeating patterns, color schemes and textures from one room to the next. Blurring the boundaries of each area lets you see the space as a whole, making your home appear more spacious.

Echoes of Light

Don’t just let in light—maximize it! The first trick is giving your windows room to breathe. Keep sources of natural light open, making sure your furniture and accessories don’t block any sunrays from shining in. Instead, hang mirrors opposite your window to bounce the light back. Transparent and reflective décor also make the most of your small space by mirroring light and reducing visual weight.

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If you haven’t used something in the past six months, get rid of it! Set a goal of 30 items to throw out or donate. Try filling an entire trash bag with things to get rid of. Consider which items are enhancing your living space and which are adding unnecessary clutter. Let out your inner minimalist for the day, and see how much more spacious your home feels afterward.

Versatile Pieces

In small space living, every inch counts. That’s why multifunctional accent pieces are a must. Hidden storage is your best friend and will make clutter vanish before your eyes. Seriously, tucking away your throw blankets, magazines and electronic accessories will do wonders for any compact living space.

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Leave Space

When it comes to floor space, leave as much open as you can. You need room for activities, after all! Look for accessory furniture with tapered or pin legs that create space between the bulk of the piece and the floor for a more spacious feel. And don’t be afraid to add a rug! If you’re not quite sure which rug size is right for your setup, check out our handy infographic guide on how to pick the perfect area rug for every space.

More Small Space Living Tricks

While mindful accessorizing is a huge aspect of maximizing small spaces, all the other furniture matters too. Check out our entire list of cozy & compact living tips to find inspiration for each room in your home. Do you have your own space-saving furniture hacks? We’d love to see them on Instagram or Twitter, so tag us when you share them. We can’t wait to see and hear your ideas!

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