How to Take Home the Iowa State Fair

How to Take Home the Iowa State Fair, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines Iowa, Things to do at the Fair, homemakers furniture

You’ve been waiting all year long for your pork chop and cheese curd fix. This week, those cravings will finally be satiated as the state’s largest event returns in all its deep-fried, blue ribbon glory. Take a deep breath and try to contain your excitement.

You’ll enjoy skewered delicacies in good company with the likes of country queen Carrie Underwood, The Fray and maybe even the future President of the United States. There will also be a special guest appearance by certain moustached board game personality…

Iowa State Fair Butter Cow

Rich Uncle Pennybags makes his debut at the Iowa State Fair this year…in butter, that is. A margarine Monopoly display will accompany the esteemed, 104-year-old butter cow to commemorate a game that has been bringing families together—and starting household wars—for 80 years. Whatever your feelings toward the buttery exhibit, here are a few pieces of furniture that will bring a taste home.

Fun Fact: If you used all 600 pounds, the famous butter cow could be spread on 19,200 slices of toast and would take the average person two lifetimes to consume, according to The Iowa State Fair.

Flexsteel Rachael Yellow Accent Chair | Momenti Geo Corn Rug | Powell Lemon Spindle Table | Chooty & Co. Pineapple Pillow (no longer available)

Iowa State Fair Livestock

Are you ready for one of the world’s largest livestock shows? Maybe you’re more interested in trying your hand at milking a cow. Or this could be the year you witness a new Super Bull record set. Whether competing or cheering, there’s certainly no shortage of livestock events spanning a wide range of species. Here are some charming pieces that leave the barnyard scent outdoors while displaying farm animal love in your home.

Fun Fact: The heaviest ever Super Bull weighed 3,404 pounds (that’s 1.5 tons!) in 2009 and any exhibitor to break that record will earn $1,000 in addition to their regular prize money from The Iowa State Fair.

Ashley Bremer set of two Cowhide Ottomans | Uttermost Farmer’s Choice Farm Animal Wall Art: no longer available | Coast to Coast Cowhide Accent Chair

Iowa State Fair Midway

You’re never too old for the cherished Double Ferris Wheel. But, we’ll let you decide for yourself if you can handle the Ring of Fire. Either way, when it’s time to cool down with some breezy, high-flying entertainment, you can take your pick from an expansive array of lively Midway adventures. Are you a casual rider, trading dollar bills for Midway currency, or do you go all out and proudly display your full-day wristband? No matter how invested you are, you can capture the twirling, whirling and spinning Midway spirit long after the fair is over with these fun home décor ideas.

Iowa State Fair Food

Ahh, the savory smell of deep-fried peanut butter and jelly on a stick…wait, what?! Yeah, you read that right. This new delicacy joins a smorgasbord of the fair’s unconventional, skewered bites. If you dared to down the deep-fried butter on a stick, we’re pretty sure you’ll be adventurous enough to try a few of 2015’s newest eats. After your stomach’s full of savory snacks, we have the perfect pieces to store and display your food love at home.

Fun Fact: There are 15 new foods to try at the Iowa State Fair this year:

  • Apple Pie On-a-Stick
  • Bruschetta
  • Cattleman’s Steak Wrap
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries On-a-Stick
  • Corn in a Cup
  • Deep Fried Cherry Pie
  • Deep Fried Nacho Balls
  • Donut Sundae
  • Golden Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly On-a-Stick
  • Gluten Free Corndog
  • Kernel Kluster
  • Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake
  • Toasted Coconut Caramel Cluster
  • Ultimate Bacon Brisket Bomb
  • 27° Super Chill Beer
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Malt

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Iowa State Fair Performances

There are plenty of reasons to pop a squat and watch one of the incredible performances at the Iowa State Fair. It’s an entertaining break from walking, for one. You’re sure to find something you’ve never seen before. And, this year brings a host of renowned performers, including Carrie Underwood, Casting Crowns, Def Leppard, Megan Trainor, The Fray and so many more. Those were just some of the Grandstand concerts. You can also peruse a multitude of additional stages for captivating performances, hearty laughs and stimulating music. When the show’s over, you don’t have to leave all the fun behind. Set the stage in your home with chic pieces that reflect the glitz, glam and energy of showbiz.

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After the Fair…

Now that you’ve seen all the sights and walked more than you thought was humanly possible, it’s time make one last stop at Homemakers to unwind in our relaxing Cozzia massage chairs. They even have a feature that alleviates your worn out feet! As you’re easing into unparalleled comfort, grab your phone and share your state fair-inspired home décor ideas with us on Instagram or Twitter. Because when it comes to the Iowa State Fair, nothing compares!

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