The Best Lavender Drinks and Recipes

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It’s early morning. You’re walking. Between plump rows of purple bushes, soft blooms tickle your fingertips. And then…dawn breaks in vivid splendor. Lighting up the breathtaking scene, a flourishing field of vibrant lavender is bathed in golden sunlight against an ancient white stone building. You breathe in the sweet air and feel completely at peace.

This invigorating experience is something people have sought to capture for centuries in the form of oils, soaps, bouquets and a range of other lavender creations that bring home a taste of southern France’s magnificent fields. While hopping on a plane to Provence is obviously the ideal choice, you can also snag this fragrant flower at local farmers’ markets, oil and spice shops, nutrition stores and maybe even your neighborhood grocer. And, if all else fails, you can hit up Amazon for some dried buds.

Tip: Make sure you buy culinary lavender, intended for consumption. Take a hard pass on any residual pesticides in your mojito.

Now that you’ve found your edible lavender, what to make? We have a couple ideas! Check out our list of delectable appetizers, desserts, meals and drinks to satiate your craving while getting adventurous in the kitchen. We even have a collection of charming kitchen islands and carts that extend surface spaces so you can sprawl out with your lavender love, no matter which recipe you choose. Once you’re all set up, it’s time to get cooking, mixing, baking and tossing.!

Tip: Be conservative with the amount of lavender you use. A little goes a long way, and you want to avoid a bitter, soapy flavor.

With just the right amount, you’ll add an elegant, subtly sweet flavor to any dish or drink. And you can do better than a cherry on top with a sprig or two of fresh lavender garnish. So, throw on that apron and start creating floral delicacies. Bon appetite, madame et monsieur!

Lavender Drinks and Recipes

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