6 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

6 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards, Homemakers Furniture gift cards

Gift cards are the best! They give that I’ve got money to blow satisfaction and ensure your giftee gets something they’ll love. Whether it’s $5 for fall home décor or $500 for a cozy fireplace, you will give any home decorator the flawless gift of choice. They can choose accent pieces or furnishings that accentuate their design style, making their house truly feel like home. Grant that to your loved one with a Homemakers gift card.

You can get in on the warm fuzzy feelings too by crafting a fun dressing for your gift card. We’re not talking “fun” as in securing twenty-four layers of duct-tape around as wrapping paper. Not that any of us would—ahem—have any experience with that kind of mischief…

Instead, we present you with six cute and creative ways to give gift cards. Stimulate your right hemisphere and maintain your thick wallet with these clever and inexpensive ideas that add an extra layer of thought.

Gift Card Ideas

Accessorize It

You want to make a monetary contribution to baby’s new crib and also add a meaningful touch. Accessorizing a gift card is the perfect solution! Your giftee can pick out their high-price item and also enjoy a complementing personal element that’s low cost to you.

make them solve a maze

Amazon has a clever brain-teaser way to give a gift card. It’s simple, fun and cheap: solve the maze, unlock the card. You even get the pleasure of watching your giftee struggle to complete the maze challenge.

paper sleeve gift card holders

Pinterest has hundreds of ways to fold gift card sleeves. Print out a template and use seasonal colors to fold a dressing for your present! Or make it personal by finding a paper pattern that speaks to your loved one. Maybe they love owls, have a favorite chevron pattern or are crazy about the color green. Find a unique paper and craft a personal piece.

diy shopping bag or tag

Tap into your beginner origami skills for this one. Fold together a cute mini-shopping bag or an oversized price tag to ensure your loved one knows what you’re truly giving them: a free shopping spree.

tin can reimagined

Save the environment and reuse that can of beans! You can spruce up a clean tin can by wrapping paper around, adding a message outside and stuffing tissue paper or small accents inside. Voila! You now have a crafty gift card holder that makes even Mother Earth smile.

candy jar

What better way to shop than perusing displays while munching on your favorite sweet treat? Fill a jar with candy or trail mix and stuff a gift card inside. It satiates the sweet tooth and shopping thirst.

If you’re more of a last-minute person, send a Homemakers e-gift card any time of day. What’s the most creative way you’ve given a gift card? Share in a comment below or tag us with your answer on Twitter with @ShopHomemakers.

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