Beyond Landscaping: Fall Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

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[Post updated: 9/6/2016]

You’ve done your fall garden prep, and your yard is the envy of the neighborhood, but something’s missing. As the temperatures drop and the trees lose their vibrant foliage, your home should become more welcoming, but right now, the exterior’s just sort of… blah.

It’s a problem nearly every homeowner faces this time of year, but it’s an easy fix. Let us show you how!

Curb Appeal Canon: Fall Flowers and More

Image used and adapted with permission from Valerie Everett.

You can’t talk about fall without mentioning the season’s gorgeous colors. The beauty they bring to scenic views can be coopted for your front porch, too! Think richly hued mums, golden hay bales and a full spectrum of ornamental corn and gourds.

Curb Appeal Canon: Outdoor Lighting

As the nights get longer and holiday visits loom, take a moment to evaluate your exterior lighting. Do your current lights give off a warm glow, or do they make your home look cold and uninviting? Are paths and walkways properly illuminated, or are they a hazard?

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Curb Appeal Canon: Fall Cleaning

garden hose, fall cleaning, clean your porch, clean spider webs, clean outdoor furniture

Image used and modified with permission from Mark Turnauckas.

During a long, hot summer, your porch becomes a magnet for dirt, dust, spider webs and more. Give it—and your outdoor furniture—a good spray with a hose or pressure washer, being careful around light fixtures and other delicate design elements. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters and downspouts, too!

Curb Appeal Canon: Paint Touch-Ups

exterior paint

Image used and modified with permission from the United Soybean Board.

As your yard grows bare, your home’s exterior is thrust into the spotlight—without much of a supporting cast. Anything that requires a little TLC is magnified, especially when it comes to paint. Take some time to touch up your trim and make any necessary repairs.

Curb Appeal Canon: Seasonal Wreaths and Door Hangers

Autumn wreaths by CBK, $24.99 each

Maybe you’ve gotten into a painting groove, and you can’t get enough. Consider painting your front door a bold hue that complements the rest of your exterior. If you’re ready to hang up your paintbrush, though, adding a festive wreath or a stylish door hanger is an easy, low-cost way to add personality and make a statement. These colorful autumn wreaths are just two of the great you can find in our autumn decor marketplace—we’ve totally fallen for them*.

How are you upgrading your curb appeal this fall? We’d love to see pictures! Tag us on Instagram or post pictures on our Facebook page!

*It’s okay if you don’t laugh at that. Our moms think we’re funny.

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