Halloween Cocktails & Drinks To Die For

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[Post updated for 2017]

Why did the ghost go into the bar?

…for the Boos.

Okay, okay. Now that you have a go-to Halloween pun up your sleeve, we hope you’re ready for some spooky, at-home booze recipes. Stock your home bar with these eerie concoctions at your next Halloween bash. Or, host a “Halloween cocktails and crafting” night by serving one of the following drinks while making DIY Halloween “Boo” jars with friends.

Wherever you enjoy your spirits, make sure you set the scene with some festive, fall home decor for a cozy spot to enjoy each sip.

Halloween Cocktails & Drink Ideas

Black Sangria

Come to the dark side and enjoy this easy-to-make Halloween sangria. With simple directions, smooth, fruity flavor and a beautiful presentation, you’ll have your guests dying for another sip.

Pumpkin Spiced Horchata

For some south-of-the-border flavor with seasonal flair, try a creamy pumpkin spiced Horchata. Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos, this milky concoction will satisfy your appetite for spiked fall flavor.

Brain Hemorrhage Shot

If you’re truly a brave soul who can handle the gruesome, try this creepy Halloween shot. You’ll have a “tastes better than it looks” mixture that surprises guests and adds an eerie element to any Halloween get-together.

Liquefied Ghost Martini

Create ghastly charm with this haunted Halloween cocktail. We’re willing to bet that a few Ghostbusters would gladly join you for a sip. You can use cream, regular milk or even cashew milk for a ghostly hue that’s beautiful garnish-free.

Halloween Sangria

Enjoy a crimson Halloween drink that bleeds delicious, fruity flavor. With or without ice, it’ll be an instant party favorite. You won’t even need a cherry on top with a kiss of death (a.k.a. blood-red corn syrup) dripping down the rim.

Cider-Bourbon Halloween Cocktail

It’s not fall without a sweet glass of apple cider, and we found a Halloween cocktail that is sure to satiate that craving. Even the Jack-O-Lantern can’t help smiling about this deliciously festive cider-bourbon cocktail with a subtle citrus zest.

Share Your Halloween Drink Recipes

Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram or Twitter when you share your Halloween drinks. Wishing all our readers a safe and happy Halloween!

All images used with permission from bloggers.

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