How to Take Advantage of Color Psychology at Home

How to Take Advantage of Color Psychology at Home
Post updated 12/16

Today we celebrate color: wavelengths from the visible light spectrum hitting your optical cones and sparking a chemical reaction, sending electrical impulses to your brain that communicate, “Hey. That’s blue.”

Although colors seem like a topic we master in grade school, there’s depth and complexity to each hue that may surprise you. There’s more to color than meets the eye (no pun intended.)

Color psychology has become a popular subject lately. Pantone even has color experts who offer consulting services and predict Pantone seasonal color palettes. Color theory is no joke! Understanding color perceptions not only changes how you experience hues, it also affects which ones you use in each room of your home. Do you know how your home’s color scheme is impacting you each day?

Put Color Psychology to Work in Your Home

To make things easier, we’ve done all the color psychology legwork for you. We researched looks, feelings and physical effects to give you smart color scheme suggestions. Scroll down to discover what we learned and get ideas on the best room colors for your home!


KITCHEN: Stimulate your mood with crimson or scarlet in your kitchen. Red hues spark confidence, increase blood flow and encourage appetite. Add a red rug or bar stools to create a lively mood for your next dinner party. Tip: Use sienna hues with an orange undertone to create a more playful feel.

Kitchen Color Ideas

LIVING ROOM: Encourage comfort and relaxation with earthy, brown living room furniture. Brown creates a warm, disarming feel that invites laid-back conversation during family time or friendly get-togethers. Said to create feelings of safety and stability, coffee hues diminish stress, making them perfect for casual visiting spaces. Tip: Create an elegant touch by adding ivory or soft white to your palette.

Living Room Color Ideas

ENTRYWAY: Color psychology says that bright, yellow hues stimulate positive feelings. They increase extroversion and good humor in anyone who walks through your door. Said to increase serotonin – the “feel good” chemical in your body – yellow boosts enthusiasm and confidence, creating a welcoming feel for your home’s first impression. Tip: Don’t overwhelm guests with too much yellow. Pair it with white or gray accents to create a clean, open look.

Entryway Color Ideas

HOME OFFICE: Balance your mental and emotional state with a reassuring jade or fern. Shades of green encourage mental clarity and good judgment. Said to be the least strenuous on the eyes, green inspires creativity and concentration. Green rugs or lamps are great additions to any home office. Tip: Use mint or pistachio for an airy, feminine feel. For a more masculine look, opt for Brunswick or pine shades.

BEDROOM: Cool, blue hues are considered the most universally liked because they encourage feelings of safety and tranquility. Studies have shown that blue evokes slower heart rates and lower body temperatures, creating a calming effect. Use blue bedding or accent pillows to create a soothing effect in your bedroom. Tip: Too much blue can seem cold. Balance the cooling effect with natural wood décor and warm accents.

KIDS & BABY: Give your kids an imaginative room with a soothing lavender or violet. Shades of purple inspire innovative thinking. Complement purple’s calming effect with orange to boost confidence in young ones. Promoting optimism and emotional assurance, orange is a great accent color for any child. We have colorful kids’ furniture to help you build a space your child can grow in. Tip: Create a place where kids can play and sleep with relaxing blues or purples and energizing orange tones.

Kids and Baby Room Color Ideas

Get Help Choosing the Right Room Colors

Looking for more personalized help in putting color psychology to work in your home? We have a team of design consultants who are happy to help. They’ll work with you to create color schemes, floor plans specific to your living space and help you choose the perfect pieces. Check out some of their work with our Before and After Home Photos!

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