15 Host & Hostess Gifts Under $50

15 Host & Hostess Gifts Under $50 | cute gifts, cute gift ideas, hostess gifts, gifts under $50, gift guide

It’s holiday party season! With each “I’ll be attending” RSVP response comes great joy…and great responsibility.

Yes, your cheerful presence is a gift in itself. But you’re more than the average party guest. You know that your host prepared for your arrival, opened their home to you and deserves acknowledgement. Luckily, you brought the perfect gift.

A great host or hostess gift is sure to earn you a recurring invitation to any annual holiday party. Scroll down to see our list of cute gifts under $50!

Cute Gift Ideas for any Host or Hostess

serving trays and boxes

Help your host serve it up in style with this cute gift idea. You can even add coffee bags, homemade cookie mix or other munchies to a serving tray or box. Here are 10 holiday recipes we love for inspiration.

mugs and hot cocoa

Our four for $9 Christmas mug sets are sure to bring “merry and bright” style to your host’s home. Plus, you can add premium Godiva hot cocoa packets for an extra sweet treat.

throw blanket

Bring some “warm and cozy” to the party with a soft throw blanket to give your host.

Seasonal décor

We have seasonal home décor galore in our showroom. Come visit to see our beautiful collection in-person.


Nothing says “MVP guest” like giving a Woodwick candle. We carry a tempting collection of scents, so you’re sure to find the perfect aroma to give your host.

table tray

Square up your gift-giving by bringing a chic table tray. This versatile piece complements any home or design style. Don’t believe us? Check out these five ways to style a table tray.


Fill a vase with a beautiful bouquet for an aromatic hostess gift that even you can enjoy. You’ll bring a sweet scent to the party that’s just as stunning visually.


One part stylish, one part intellectual. Any reader will appreciate a sleek new set of bookends as a hostess gift.


Yeah, yeah, we know that most people check their phones for the time nowadays. But there’s something about an old-fashioned clock that is simply timeless, making it a wonderful hostess gift.


A festive door stopper is the perfect cute gift to open up any living space. We have stoppers with a variety of quotes, including:
• “Love lives here”
• “A house is not a home without a cat”
• “Santa Stop Here”

place mats

It is surprising how many homes are missing a set of chic place mats. They’re the perfect cute gift for any dinner party where you can use them on the spot.

throw pillow

Throw some cute style into your host’s living space. With just the right amount of style and snuggly personality, accent pillows are cozy host gifts.

small rug

If a warm welcome could be wrapped with a bow, it would be in the form of a toe-tickling rug. It’s the perfect stylish accent piece to add colorful personality.


Bring your hostess a fresh gift to get them through winter. Whether it’s a potted plant or a stunning wreath, greenery adds the perfect touch of life. Plus, there’s no risk of plant-killing with artificial leafy décor.

Chalkboard Accessories

Check out all of the fun chalkboard signs and accessories we carry in our Holiday Marketplace! Chalkboard signs lend a homey feel to any room, and chalked bottle labels make a cute, customizable gift for any host. Our unique chalkboard tag labels can be a charming token of appreciation.

Gift Cards for a Last-Minute Gift

If you give new meaning to the word “procrastination,” there are always Homemakers gift cards. You can even spruce it up with these 6 creative ways to give gift cards.

What’s the best host gift you’ve ever received? Share in a comment below or Tweet us your response.

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