Cozy & Compact: Guest Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Cozy & Compact: Guest Room Ideas for Small Spaces #cozyandcompact #homemakers #guestroom #smallspaces

Confession time: we love hosting friends and family from out of town, but living in a small space can sometimes put a damper on things. It’d be great to have a guest room with all the amenities of a luxury hotel, but it’s hard to justify dedicating so much space in our tiny abode to something that’s not used on a regular basis.

To prepare for the holiday season, we came up with a game plan that will allow us to accommodate guests staying in our tiny homes without having to get a hotel room for ourselves. Today, we’re sharing our secrets for creating a dual-purpose guest room that suits your small space.

Guest Bedroom + Living Room Ideas

Start with a sofa bed

Never before has crashing on someone’s couch sounded so appealing. Today’s sleepers and sofa beds take comfort to the next level, and they easily convert from seating to a convenient sleep surface. The Ashley Alenya Queen Sofa Sleeper (pictured above) is a versatile, budget-friendly option that comes in charcoal or tan, making it a great choice for any color palette.

Turn a storage bench into a hosting must-have

The unassuming storage bench is an obvious boon to those living in small spaces, but you may not have thought to use one in your improvised guest room. A storage bench provides a convenient spot to place a suitcase, and its internal compartment is perfect for keeping towels, linens and a spare blanket at hand—and dust-free. If a full bench doesn’t work for your space, try a storage ottoman!

Create a functional room divider

When your guest room also happens to be your primary living space, your guests can feel a little exposed. This rolling bookshelf from Coaster provides plenty of display space for you while adding some privacy to a dual-purpose living room, and its smooth casters allow for easy movement.

Anchor the space with a natural rug

Living rooms are already high-traffic areas, so when you add suitcases—notoriously dirty and rough on floors—to the equation, you need to be prepared. We love a jute rug for this purpose. They’re durable, versatile and fantastic at hiding dust and grime.

Guest Bedroom + Home Office Ideas

Optimize office shelving

In any small space, vertical storage is a necessity. It’s even more crucial when you’re combining a guest room with a space that can get super cluttered in seconds. Look for an adjustable bookshelf with a small footprint to help keep things organized without taking up a ton of floor space.

Elevate the room with a loft bed

Loft beds aren’t just for college students anymore. The new designs are sleek and contemporary, and they provide a lot more room for sleeping than the dorm room fixtures you remember. We love this full-sized loft bed from Coaster—not only is it spacious; it features a huge built-in workspace with a keyboard pullout and tons of open shelving.

Seize the day bed

If you have a little more room to work with in your home office, consider a day bed! We carry tons of designs to complement any desk furniture, many of which have pullout storage or additional sleep surfaces. Best of all, when you don’t have guests, a day bed offers the perfect spot to spread out and work from home.

Double-tasking computer desk

The perfect desk for a combination home office/guest room is one that can meet multiple needs without a huge footprint. We love this L-shaped desk from Chintaly for this purpose—it has a sizable workspace and plenty of shelving that rotates to suit the room. Plus, the versatile design can be placed next to a bed to serve as a convenient nightstand.

How do you make multi-purpose rooms work in your small space? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your pictures!

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