12 Days of Christmas Decorating

We’ve entered the homestretch of the Christmas countdown. Less than three weeks!

Like us, you may be as excited as the people of Whoville about decorating for Christmas. So, we’ve gathered 12 days of Christmas décor ideas to keep you going strong until Christmas Day.

These pieces also make great surprise Christmas gifts for a teacher, boss or neighbor. Scroll down to see 12 days of inspiring Christmas décor ideas.

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12 Days of Christmas Décor Ideas

Day 1. Doorstopper: Open up your space with a holiday doorstopper. You’ll put a smile on your guest’s face with a clever quote.

Day 2. Stockings:
A mantel is incomplete without this piece of holiday décor. Treat yourself to a classy knit stocking that’s too cute to receive any coal.

Day 3. Metallic accents:
Your home deserves a little Christmas sparkle. A shimmery set of mercury candleholders will do just the trick. Surround them with lighted garland for a magical look.

Day 4. Outdoor décor:
First impressions are important. That’s why we have plenty of outdoor holiday décor for Christmas curbside appeal.

Day 5. Sweet tooth: Add a candied touch to your home with this faux peppermint décor. Then, you can enjoy an edible candy cane while admiring your sweet surroundings.

Day 6. Chalkboard countdown: Half of all holiday joy comes from anticipation. Keep the mood up with a chalkboard Christmas countdown.

Day 7. Lighted accents:
We can’t promise all will be calm, but all will be bright with lighted Christmas decorations. We have plenty of glowing pieces to add a twinkle to your home.

Day 8. Wall hangings:
Deck the halls with seasonal signs that declare your holiday joy or showcase your favorite Christmas song lyric.

Day 9. Snowy sculptures:
You can enjoy snowmen that don’t give you frostbite or melt in the sun. Our snowy décor will create a warm winter look indoors.

Day 10. Throw pillows:
You’ve trimmed the tree, now it’s time to give your furniture a Christmas element. Cozy throw pillows are the perfect finishing touch.

Day 11. Reason for the season:
Peace on Earth is a timeless Christmas message. A few angelic faces are sure to remind you of the reason for the season.

Day 12. Ornament star: There’s more than one way to decorate with Christmas ornaments. We have several unconventional ornament décor pieces that will have you re-thinking this holiday staple.

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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Décor?

What’s the one piece of Christmas décor that your home would be incomplete without? Share with us in a comment below!

And for all the holiday parties coming up, bring the perfect gift for your host with our holiday gift ideas under $50.

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