Why You Need an Upside Down Christmas Tree This Year

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Decorating in a cozy and compact space this Christmas? We introduce you to a unique design trend that will maximize your living space: an upside down Christmas tree.

This space-saving decorating hack is as unique as it is clever. Actually, it’s more of a resurfacing trend. Way back in the 12th century, many European homes displayed upside down Christmas trees.

But, if the whole concept is weirding you out, consider this: an inverted Christmas tree is really just an oversized, pine chandelier. Classy, right?

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  • upside down christmas tree

upside down christmas tree
  • upside down christmas tree

  • upside down christmas tree

Reasons You Need an Inverted Christmas Tree

For those who are still unconvinced, here’s everything you’re missing out on each year you forgo an upside down Christmas tree.

  • Extra floor space
  • Better ornament visibility
  • Unique look to impress guests
  • Additional light bouncing off ceiling
  • Out of kids’ (and pets’!) reach
  • Larger-looking tree
  • Showcase tree garland and dangling icicle lights
  • Magical, unobtrusive table centerpiece
  • More room for presents
  • Better family photo ops

Now all you need to ask is why you didn’t try an inverted tree sooner. It’s the perfect focal point in the midst of your festive Christmas home décor.

Hanging an Upside Down Tree

To ensure your tree looks picture perfect, here are a couple tips. First, measure your space and your tree. (We suggest lightweight, full-looking trees.)

You’ll have holes left in your ceiling after the holidays, so choose a spot where other décor can hang throughout the year, or cover holes with spackle after Christmas.

You can drill the base to the ceiling and secure your tree to it, or you can ditch the base and use ceiling hooks to attach your tree directly to the ceiling. Here’s an article on how to hang a Christmas tree from eHow.

More Small-Space Living Ideas

Upside down Christmas trees aren’t the only space-saving hack up our sleeve. With the quickly approaching holiday, loved ones will be gathering near—possibly staying the night. Discover guest room ideas for small spaces or explore our entire Cozy & Compact series for space-maximizing home furniture ideas.

How do you feel about the inverted Christmas tree trend? Share your response with us in a comment below or on Twitter @ShopHomemakers.

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