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“New year, new me” statuses are blowing up your newsfeed. You’ve been asked, “So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?” You have discovered the best way to morph “2015” into “2016” on a written document.

It’s a new year, a blank page.

You’ve successfully climbed the mountain of 2015. Now what?

Self-improvement goals are a noble way to begin a new year. In fact, according to Time.com, the top resolution for 2016 is:

“Enjoy life to the fullest.”

But, what about your living space? If you’re truly going to enjoy life to the fullest, your feet should hit the floor each morning in a space that inspires you to carpe diem.

Home Design New Year’s Resolutions

Your surroundings can inspire positivity and mental balance, which are crucial in tackling all other resolutions. So, how will you create an inspiring living space this year?

Maybe you’re finally going to replace your college digs with “grown-up” furniture. Or, you could be longing—like us—to embrace the soft Pantone colors of the year.

This month, we have new furniture that will help you achieve all your 2016 home resolutions. We’re excited to unveil new gems in our showroom, including a shabby chic cabinet for stylish organization and an organic, industrial dining set that gives you the perfect spot to spend more time with family and friends.

Scroll down to see our new 2016 trend furniture and let us know which is your favorite in a comment below or by tweeting us @ShopHomemakers.

And if you still haven’t quite found the perfect pieces, check out our December home furniture customer favorites or take this fun quiz to find out which chair is perfect for you.

2016 New Trend Furniture at Homemakers

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