Stop Neglecting Your Leather With These Care Tips

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Are you a leather lover?

Do you enjoy lounging like Sherlock in a handsome Chesterfield chair Or are you more of a Mad Men mod stylist, embracing the mixed materials and clean lines of mid-century, ergonomic chairs?

No matter your style preference, there are plenty of reasons to invest in leather furniture. And when we say invest, we mean serious commitment! This isn’t your one-year gym membership.

When properly cared for, leather furniture can become an heirloom that lasts longer than fabric upholstery. Yes, the price tag is up there. But, when you figure in the years a sophisticated leather sectional lasts, it often has a better lifetime value. Especially when you opt for a leather protection plan.

Benefits of Leather Furniture

In case you didn’t hear us in the paragraph above, leather lasts! It resists drink spills during a tickle fight, ages beautifully and is durable enough to withstand most small humans (a.k.a. kids).

If you’re somehow still not convinced, consider the following benefits for investing in leather furniture:

  • Sophisticated, lavish look
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbs less odors than fabric
  • Better lifetime value than other upholsteries
  • Durability
  • Ages well (natural patina develops over years)

You can sleep soundly tonight knowing that the benefits of leather furniture are well worth the cost.

How to Clean Leather Furniture

When was the last time you deep cleaned your home? Can’t remember? Then, you’re going to love the cleaning schedule for leather furniture. Basically, wipe up any spills immediately and dust your leather every now and then. That’s pretty much it.

Keep your leather furniture clean and polished:

  • Dry cloth your leather as needed
  • Vacuum crevices every now and then
  • Wipe off liquid spills immediately
  • Do not use soap or soak in water

Leather Furniture Care Tips

If you really want to give your leather a long life, it takes more than just cleaning. Because leather upholstery is made of animal hide, it gives you an incredibly smooth seat that grows more pliable and supple over time.

That means the older your leather, the softer it gets. To make sure your leather reaches a prime age, follow these easy care tips:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid sharp objects rubbing against your leather (keys, studded jewelry, etc.)
  • Invest in leather protection plan
  • Spot test leather products in an out of sight area first
  • Maintain distance between your leather and any source of heat
  • Use leather conditioner once or twice per year

Let’s See Your Leather Furniture!

Have you been following the care tips above? Do you have any advice for someone looking to purchase leather furniture? Share your pointers and photos in a comment below.

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