Valentine’s Day DIY: Make This Sweet Centerpiece

Valentines Day DIY Sweet Centerpiece from Homemakers Furniture

Valentine’s Day comes at the perfect time of year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve (somewhat begrudgingly) fallen back into our post-holiday routines, and the gray, gloomy weather leaves something to be desired. What better way to brighten our moods a little than with a celebration of love?

We’ve shown you our top picks for gift ideas and hooked you up with some super cute (and free!) gift tags. There’s just one more thing you need for the best Valentine’s Day ever—a sweet centerpiece to deck out your dining table!

Our senior visual designer, Brandon Roush, is back by popular demand! We sat down with him to learn how to make this fun, festive Valentine’s Day DIY and to chat about one our favorite holidays.

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Homemakers: First, let’s settle the age-old question: is sending flowers to a man cool or cringe-worthy?

Brandon Roush: I have received flowers once from an admirer. I was blown away! However, for most guys, I think getting flowers still might be a little awkward. It is 2016, though, so I could be wrong!

Valentine's Day DIY: Candy Heart Centerpiece

HM: When it comes to romance, do you prefer your significant other to make grand public gestures or be more subtle? Do you like to be the one who goes all out, or do you keep things low-key?

BR: I am more of a low-key guy. A nice dinner at home with the person I care about is by far the best. Why deal with the crowds, noise and hassle when you can have a romantic dinner at home? I am not much of a PDA person, but a squeeze or a grab of the hand does wonders.

HM: What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?

BR: My perfect Valentine’s Day is a cold, snowy night with soft music, the smell of dinner and some chilled white wine. My date and I would be snuggling on the couch, watching old movies and just enjoying each other’s company. If I had kids, I would send them to Grandma’s house for the night.

Valentine's Day DIY: Table Setting Idea from Homemakers Furniture

HM: Do you have any (hopefully funny in retrospect) stories about Valentine’s Day dates that went horribly wrong?

BR: Yes! So, I tried to go all out one year and had everything set up perfectly. After a bit too much wine, my reflexes were not at 100%, to say the least. When I was taking my lasagna out of the oven, I ended up dropping the whole dish on the floor. I had burns on my legs from the hot pasta sauce and cheese. Needless to say, dinner that night was Big Tomato and some burn ointment.

HM: Let’s say you’re putting together a romantic dinner for someone special. What’s on the menu? Do you have any signature dishes that you make when you really want to impress someone?

BR: My sausage pasta is my favorite dish to make for someone I care about. I also tend to go overboard and make a ton of food, from salad to bread and—most importantly—cheesecake.

Valentine's Day DIY: Table Setting Ideas from Homemakers Furniture

HM: What’s your inspiration for this tablescape?

BR: Simple and sweet. I used the apothecary jars we have and filled them with colorful candy like conversation hearts and jellybeans. It’s a fun, whimsical look—plus, you can eat your creation!

Brandon, Senior Visual Designer at Homemakers Furniture

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