Adirondack Chairs: What To Look For Before You Buy

Adirondack chairs

[Updated for 2019]

Adirondack chairs just scream summer, don’t they?

With bright colors and wide, angled seats, we’re pretty sure they are a perfect patio furniture option for your outdoor area this summer.

But not all Adirondack chairs are created equally. Cheap patio furniture has its limits: Flimsy plastic can fade, break and shatter, while wood can rot and warp.

Our Adirondack chairs are constructed by true Amish craftsmen in Ohio. This outdoor furniture is made from recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the same material used to make milk jugs and detergent bottles. This material is cleaned and converted into solid board stock, known as poly lumber or plastic lumber.

This material won’t crack, splinter, warp or deteriorate. The color penetrates throughout, and it’s permeated with UV protection so it won’t fade in the summer sun. Our Adirondack chairs are built for comfort, and they’re built to last.

Adirondack chairs

Adirondack Chairs

There are many varieties to choose from. Scroll through our gallery to see more!

  • Adirondack chairs

    Deluxe Adirondack Chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    Royal Tall Adirondack Chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    Lakeside Adirondack Chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    Folding Adirondack chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    balcony Adirondack chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    Swivel glider Adirondack chair

  • Adirondack chairs

    outdoor loveseat glider

  • Adirondack chairs

    Glider Sofa

Which Adirondack chair is right for you?

Adirondack chairs

Deluxe Adirondack Chairs

Our deluxe Adirondack chairs feature classic Adirondack styling, including a tall back, a waterfall seat edge and a special reinforced design.

Shop Deluxe Adirondack Chairs

Royal Tall Adirondack Chair

The royal tall Adirondack chair offers the same comfortable qualities, but with a taller profile and an elevated seat that makes sitting down and standing up much easier.

Shop Tall Adirondack Chairs

Lakeside Adirondack Chairs

Our lakeside Adirondack chairs are perfect for when space is limited. They feature a less sprawling, more compact design.

Shop Lakeside Adirondack Chairs

Folding Adirondack Chairs

That’s the same idea behind our folding Adirondack chairs, which are easy to stash in the basement or garage when winter rolls in.

Shop Folding Adirondack Chairs

Balcony Adirondack Chairs

Our balcony Adirondack chairs offer wide seats, comfy footrests and are designed with narrow balconies in mind.

Shop Balcony Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Glider

Try an Adirondack glider if you like a little motion. There are swivel glider options, single-seat outdoor gliders, two-person outdoor glider loveseats and even three-person outdoor sofas.

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Ready for summer on the patio?

Get a head start on summer and stop in to see us today! Our outdoor area is full of the season's staples and latest trends for patio and lounge furniture.

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