DIY Easter Table: How to Keep Little Ones Entertained

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Remember the kids’ table? You know, that little dining setup that was segregated from the adults at every family dinner. Whether it was a small, round dining table or a pullout card table, almost every family member has graced this infamous table, complete with waterproof tablecloth. Today, we’re going to share some ideas to make your Easter kids’ table as fun as it is festive.

To help out, we talked to our senior visual designer, Brandon Roush. He shared tips on fashionable and fun Easter kids’ table decorations, like using a black sharpie to write names on terracotta pots and filling them with crayons for fun placeholders. We even created printable Easter tags to use on your baskets or kids’ table décor

Scroll down to watch the video where Brandon shows how to make your own whimsical spring tablescape. And stay up to date on all of our holiday ideas and inspiration by subscribing to our blog!

DIY Easter Kids’ Table

What was your inspiration for this tablescape?

“Spring was the foremost inspiration for my tablescape, I love adding touches of nature to create a fun and festive look that welcomes in warmer weather. The idea of using sod for the center of the table came from my love of the smell of fresh cut grass. Nothing says spring to me like the smell of grass!”

What are the essentials for an impressive Easter kids’ table?

“Make it fun! Kids need something to look at and or do. Puzzles, crayons and small, child-safe toys are a sure bet to keeping kids entertained at the table.”

What are good ways to keep kids entertained while adults are visiting after the meal?

“I love the idea of giving the kids a challenge. Have them each color their own Easter egg and offer a prize to the most creative design, color, etc. Small toys or puzzles will keep your favorite bunnies entertained.”
Do you prefer money or candy in Easter eggs?

“My mother puts both candy and money in our Easter eggs. Every year we do a big Easter egg hunt, and I am always crossing my fingers that I get the egg with the black jellybeans. Of course money is always a good thing, too!”

Do you remember the day you graduated to the “big kid” family table? How was it?

“I had more fun at the kids’ table than I did at the adult table. I would much rather have fun being creative than listening to aunts and uncles talk. After graduating to the adult table, I did everything I could to sneak back to the kids’ table. I still prefer to sit with my nieces and nephews instead of the adults’ table.”
What Easter traditions do you celebrate?

“Every year, my mom has an Easter egg hunt. We all line up in the backyard and eagerly wait for her to yell, “Go!” Then, we all run around, grabbing as many eggs as possible. Trying to outrun my nieces and nephews is not as easy as it used to be, so my cash take seems to be less and less every year, but seeing the smiles on their little faces is priceless.”

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