Interior Design Style Guide: Country Furniture

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You love fresh flowers on a farmhouse table. You prefer an outdoor picnic to a sit-down restaurant. We would likely find soiled garden gloves sitting on your windowsill.

Sound familiar? If so, country design is your match made in heaven. You admire cozy country living spaces and strive to create a relaxing space. Your guests often comment with words like:

Words to Describe Country Style

  • Homey
  • Pastoral
  • Honest
  • Charming
  • Weathered
  • Natural
  • Relaxing
  • Cheery
  • Comfortable

Now, before you go calling country style “hokey pokey” or “hillbilly,” know that there are several styles of country decorating. French country embraces an elegant, shabby chic look while English countryside boldly mixes patterns and fabrics, bordering on eclectic. American country breathes patriotism and layers on natural materials, like stone and wood.

You can also go for an almost modern, Scandinavian country look by embracing white painted finishes, airy colors and minimalist décor. Here are a few key furniture pieces that will add instant country charm.

Key Country Furniture

  • Amish-built furniture
  • Skirted upholstery
  • Stone or brick fireplaces
  • Ladder back and Windsor chairs
  • Handmade quilts and knits
  • Triangle dinner bell
  • Woven baskets
  • Wood flooring
  • Farmhouse tables

Natural elements and soft touches create the perfect environment for quality time with loved ones. Forget about anything frivolous or uninviting. Country style loves homey accents, like a repurposed washboard or Mason jar candleholder.

Because this style is so mix-and-matchy, it often borders on other interior design styles, with upcycled accents from traditional style.

The following living room includes natural wood accents, warm colors and a skirted sofa—classic country features—but also mixes in transitional, geometric patterns and shapes.

There’s certain magic to country design. It somehow reminds you of the truly important things in life. It makes going “unplugged” seem doable, even *gasp* enjoyable!

Below are a few famous spaces you may recognize where you can appreciate the simple pleasures in life while surrounded by country charm.

Famous Country Spaces

  • The Seven Dwarfs’ home (“Snow White”)
  • The Dollywood resort
  • Anne of Green Gables Museum
  • Thomas Kinkade cottage paintings
  • The hobbit home (“Lord of the Rings”)
  • Steel Magnolias House
  • Little House on the Prairie home
  • Clark Kent’s childhood farmhouse
  • Rosehill Cottage (“The Holiday”)

This fresh bedroom seems like it belongs in any of the historic spots listed above.

You may not be a Nashville native, but you should have a solid grasp of country style now. Soon enough, you’ll be inviting Carrie Underwood over for country-fried steak in your farmhouse dining room.

To make sure you get all the details right, here are a few accents to include in your charming space:

Country Style Details

  • Floral, toile and plaid patterns
  • Weathered finishes
  • Planked or slatted wood
  • Nature-inspired décor
  • Wrought iron accents
  • Slipcovers
  • Wire mesh accents
  • Hand-rubbed, painted woods
  • Upcycled, vintage artifacts
  • Fresh fruit and flowers
  • Sliding barn doors

Can’t you hear “America the Beautiful” playing when you look at this space? It beautifully encompasses American country design, from the patriotic star accents to fresh flowers.

Barn doors like the ones above are another country staple. We love this rustic Magnussen Harper Farm coffee table with solid pine, sliding barn doors.

For a more French country feel, the dining room below showcases a vintage-chic dining set, antique metal décor and a weathered vase with hand-cut greenery. Imagine enjoying afternoon tea and biscuits here.

Show Us Your Country Space

How do you feel about country design? Do you embrace country style in your home? Share photos with us on the Homemakers Furniture Facebook page or Twitter @ShopHomemakers.

Interested in learning about other design styles? Check out our collection of videos and infographics on all interior design styles. And keep watching our blog for a brand new design style feature coming soon. Hint: it involves natural elements and organic textures.

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