World Sleep Day 2016: Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream

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We’re putting sleep back in the spotlight today on World Sleep Day 2016. This year’s theme is Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream.

Three Elements of Great Sleep

What does great sleep look like? The World Sleep Society outlines three elements.

  • Duration. How many hours of sleep do you need? We answer that here.
  • Continuity. Uninterrupted, unfragmented sleep is optimal.
  • Depth. Deep sleep, known as REM sleep, is soothing and restorative.

Sleep is one of three key pillars for a happy, healthy life, along with diet and exercise. All three are inexorably linked: A deficit in one of these areas will have negative consequences for the other two.

So, you hit the gym with regularity and eat healthy, nutritious food. Great! But where does sleep fall on your to-do list?

Is it a welcome respite in your otherwise busy life? Or do you see sleep as an unfortunate necessity and try to scrimp by on as little as possible while maintaining a busy schedule?

Until you prioritize better sleep, you’ll have a hard time achieving it.

We’re Passionate About High-Quality Sleep

We recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve devoted the entire second floor of our showroom to the cause:

  • Bedroom furniture in every style and for every budget to create the ultimate relaxing retreat
  • A huge Sleep Shop with more than 80 mattresses and six top brands to try for yourself. Plush, firm, coil, foam, hybrid: You name it, we’ve got it.
  • Adjustable beds for premium features and truly personalized comfort

Experience personalized, one-on-one help from our specialists on our showroom floor, or explore our huge selection of furniture, mattresses and accessories online.

We’re working hard to ensure a great night of sleep for everyone!

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