How To Make a Reading Nook for Your Kids

how to make a reading nook
[Post updated: 9/15/2016]

Header image used and adapted with permission from Eugene Kim.

Where do you remember reading as a child? Did you curl up in a closet reading nook or nestle into a pillow-laden corner? Or maybe you had a favorite reading chair. No matter where you snuggled up, in the pages of a book you journeyed to places where the sidewalk ends and the wild things are. As Mary Schmich said, “Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”

At Homemakers, we believe that books do much more than transport readers to other worlds. They expand imagination. They enrich vocabulary and teach important values. Books help shape our future teachers, doctors and astronauts. Which is why we support a fully stocked bookshelf in every child’s room.

In honor of one of our favorite pastimes, we’re sharing some stylish ideas to create a reading nook in your home. Inspire a love of literature in your children by giving them a cozy spot to curl up. Don’t forget these bookshelf styling tips when filling those shelves. Keep scrolling to see all the furniture essentials you’ll need to create a fun and functional reading nook.

5 Reading Nook Essentials

A reading nook is all about escape. It allows little ones to leave daily routine behind. Create the perfect space for your child to explore fictional realms. With our large selection of kids’ bedroom furniture, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to suit your child’s age and personality. Here are a few reading nook essentials you’ll want to include:

A Kids’ Bookcase

It’s not officially a reading nook until you’ve added a place to store all the books. Whether you’re looking for a fun and colorful piece or something more traditional, we have plenty of stylish bookcases to choose from.

Sauder Affinity Display Bookcase, $169.99 | Sauder Square 1 Bookcase, $69.99 | Klaussner Honeysuckle Bookcase, $199.99

Check out how blogger Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase styled her Sauder Square1 bookshelf (pictured above.)

Kids’ Chairs

Give your little one a seat to call their own. A comfy kids chair is a necessity for any pint-sized reading retreat. We have stylish chairs for every child in our charming collection of kids’ accent furniture.

Colorful Rugs

Nothing makes an area feel homier than a soft rug underfoot. A rug also helps define areas. Adding one to your child’s reading area will separate it from the rest of their room.

A pouf

Poufs provide a spot to kick back in any reading nook. They also add color and personality to your kid’s room. Their versatile tops can be used as a footrest, an extra seat or an entertainment surface.

Kids’ Table Lamps

Every reading nook needs a good light source. Hang string lights or a paper lantern overhead for a whimsical touch. You can also add a pop of color with our fun kids’ table lamps, like these three:

Looking for more kid-friendly decorating ideas? Explore our tips on how to create a kid-friendly home!

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