Creature Comforts by HM: Dog Beds and More!

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Photo used and modified with permission from Rick Burtzel.

Luxury Pet Beds and Furniture

Homemakers is pleased to announce our new Creature Comforts line, which is full of stylish beds and other luxury furniture for your dogs, cats and more!

As longtime home and pet owners, we know that living with furry friends can require a little grace and patience. From sharp teeth to razor-edged claws–not to mention all that shedding—it can be tricky to keep your furniture looking the way you want it.

Fortunately, we have the solution. Each piece from our Creature Comforts lines has been thoughtfully designed to fit a specific aesthetic, from the traditional home to a more modern abode, in gorgeous shades that will complement any color palette. The luxurious cushioning will appeal to even the most persnickety of pets, and the high quality craftsmanship includes the use of NASA-approved materials that are guaranteed to withstand any ruff behavior.

Plus, each piece has been pre-treated with a soothing, long-lasting blend of interspecies pheromones that will help Fido or Felix relax and recognize that this is their spot. Reducing stress and giving pets a place of their own is crucial to eliminating bad behavior—and reclaiming your home!

Creature Comforts by HM features a wide variety of styles and designs, including pet-sized armchairs, chaises, sofas and beds. We even have small-scale outdoor furniture for tiny backyard friends, too! You’ll find our Patio Pets collection is perfectly sized for squirrels, chipmunks and even juvenile raccoons and possums!

April Fools’!

Did we trick you? Sorry, we don’t carry luxury pet furniture (and as far as we know, NASA’s not involved in the pet supplies industry), but the good news is all of these pieces are available in human-friendly sizes for you to use in your own home. You might have to train your pup not to steal your spot, though.

  1. Fairmont Designs Casey Chaise, $649.99- no longer available 
  2. La-Z-Boy William 100% Leather Chair, $1,099.99
  3. Woodland Cortland Crescent Outdoor Loveseat, $1,299.99- no longer available 

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