Apartment Decorating Ideas from One Sofa Styled Three Ways

Apartment decorating ideas from one sofa styled three ways, homemakers.com
Post updated 03/2017

So, you’re leaving the dorm for your very first apartment. Goodbye futon and shower caddy! It’s time to enter the adulting world. If you’ve never had a place of your own, your first apartment is like a blank slate. It is an opportunity to experiment with different furniture styles and find the one that works for you.

Home decor and accessories are a great way to showcase your style in your first apartment. But, every room needs an anchor piece to tie it all together. Today, we’re showing you three unique apartment living room ideas, all anchored to one important piece: your sofa! Keep reading to gather inspiration from one sofa styled three different ways.

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How to Choose Your First Apartment Sofa

One of the most important investments in your first apartment is—drumroll, please—your sofa! It’s going to stick around for years, get used on the daily and will probably be one of the first things your guests see when they walk in. So, we asked our visual designer, Zach: how do you choose the right one?

“When you look at a sofa, don’t let it limit your style. The sofa we featured is pretty mid-century modern, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a rustic twist or a more contemporary look! Keep the sofa neutral and you can accessorize it to fit almost any style.” Zach

Like Zach said, a neutral sofa can be accessorized to fit any design preference, making it a great investment piece that outlasts seasonal trends. However, designing your first apartment from scratch can be a pricey task. Luckily, we offer quality sofas at every price point. Here are a few neutral sofas under $500:

These sofas are perfect for any first apartment. In the video below, Zach featured one of our modern Jonathan Louis sofas, a great, long-term addition to any first apartment. Its clean design and neutral hue make it easy to accessorize in different apartment living room styles. Watch how he transformed one sofa into three different looks below!

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Masculine Rustic

In his first style, Zach added a rustic loft twist. He used mid-century lines and textured elements. He tells us, “My style is farmhouse meets downtown loft. I love old, distressed wood, metal and leather. Think Joanna Gaines’ more masculine side.” Is this room’s style speaking to you? Check out our rustic style guide to learn more about incorporating the look in your first apartment.

First Apartment Decorating Ideas from Homemakers.com

Zach easily put together the apartment living room design above, but defining his own style didn’t come overnight. He recalls his first apartment and says it was pretty boring; a little too matchy. Looking back, here’s his advice for first-time apartment dwellers:

“Don’t expect it to look like it came out of a catalog. It takes time to really figure out your style and collect things that give a space your personality and make it feel like home!”

Bohemian Eclectic

Zach gave his second apartment living room idea a fun and quirky makeover. He used chic pillows and playful colors to give the same sofa a fresh look. The geometric patterns give it a mix-and-match, bohemian feel.

The colorful, geometric rug and bright accent pillows completely transform the sofa’s rustic look into something beautifully bohemian. “Pillows are an easy and cheap way to change the look” says Zach. “They add a lot of color and pattern, and I even suggest changing them seasonally. At Homemakers, we have pillows starting at $5. So, you can find some to fit any budget!”

Simply Modern

For his last setup, Zach swapped out the colorful bohemian accents for a toned-down palette. This simple and clutter-free design features metallic accents and calm colors for a simple, contemporary look.

In the photos above, a bold piece of wall art adds a striking focal point. Plus, it’ll make you look cultured when guests come visit your first apartment. Here’s Zach’s advice on choosing wall art:

“Find something you really love that grabs your attention. Whether it is wall art or a rug or even something your grandmother gave you. That one piece can be the starting point to defining your style in your first apartment.”

Which of Zach’s sofa designs does your living space reflect: Masculine Rustic, Eclectic Bohemian or Simply Modern? We’d love to see your photos! Tag us on Instagram @shophomemakers and we might feature your apartment living room ideas in our next Insta-Stylists blog post!

Still working on creating a space of your own? Make sure to print out this handy first apartment checklist before you go furniture shopping!

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