Mattress dimensions: Which mattress size fits you best?

[Post updated 11/1/2016]

A new mattress is one of the most popular purchases new home buyers make, after, of course, the house.

It’s the perfect time to upgrade your quality of sleep and shed yourself of that lumpy, dumpy old mattress that just isn’t cutting it anymore. After all, nothing beats climbing into a comfortable, new bed after a long day of hauling boxes.

But which mattress size do you need? We’ve put together a handy guide of mattress sizes, designed to help you find the best fit for your unique circumstances. All sizes listed are approximate. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Your path to better sleep begins now!

Twin mattress dimensions: 38 x 75
Other than a crib mattress, a twin mattress has the smallest mattress dimensions at approximately 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. The compact size makes it an ideal choice for kids’ bedrooms. For many adults, it is too short.

Twin XL mattress dimensions: 38 x 80
A twin XL mattress, also known as an extra-long twin-size mattress, is typically around 5 in. longer than a regular twin. This is a popular size for college dormitories. Note: Two twin XL mattresses can be pushed together to approximate a king-size mattress, which offers a flexible option for guest rooms.

Full mattress dimensions: 54 x 75

A full mattress, sometimes called a double mattress, is 16 inches wider than a twin. It works for one person (ideally under 5 feet 5 inches), but for a couple, it’s not at all a feasible option. At 54 inches wide, that leaves each sleep partner with only 27 inches of space — about the width of a crib mattress.

Queen mattress dimensions: 60 x 80
The most popular mattress size today, a queen mattress is approximately 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full mattress. This makes a queen much more practical for a couple. It’s also easier to integrate into a smaller bedroom or guest room, where space is limited, than a king mattress.

King mattress dimensions: 76 x 80
For the most space to stretch out, a couple should opt for a king-size mattress. It’s 16 inches wider than a queen. However, a king mattress may be too large for some bedrooms. Even if your bedroom is large enough, navigating your new mattress up staircases and down narrow hallways may prove too difficult. King mattresses are much easier to find than California king mattresses, and are more likely to be stocked by stores.

California king mattress dimensions: 72 x 84
The name “California king” may conjure images of a broad, expansive landscape, but in reality, a California king mattress is smaller than a regular king. It’s 4 inches longer, but also 4 inches narrower for a slightly smaller overall surface. If you opt for a California king, it’s likely your mattress will have to be specially ordered. Finding bedding will also be more difficult than with a regular king mattress.

Read on for more information on choosing a new mattress and how to get a great night of sleep!

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