New @ Hm: Mermaid Pillows at Homemakers

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As you may have heard, there is a magically transforming home décor trend taking over the Internet. We’re talking about mermaid pillows. Yes, the whimsical home accent leaving people across the globe spellbound.

Earlier this year, reporter Steve Noviello of Fox 4 News introduced these reversible mermaid sequin pillows in a video that gained 20 million views in 24 hours, according to his Facebook page.

“It’s probably a thousand different pillows in one. So, they’re really pennies on the dollar,” claims his shopping companion in the video.

Well, we have some exciting news…

Homemakers now carries mermaid pillows! While most department stores sell them for $150, our sequin mermaid pillows are available starting at an affordable $69.99.

Mermaid Pillows at Homemakers

Check out the photos below where we show off these enchanting pillows. Better yet, come visit our store to see them in person! Just brush your hand over the reversible sequins to create any design you want, from geometric patterns to contemporary streaks.

Their shimmery upholstery adds subtle glam to any living space. Whatever your home’s color palette, we have mermaid pillows to match in a variety of metallic color combinations.

Make sure to explore all our stylish home décor accessories to find the perfect complementing pieces for your mermaid sequin pillows.

Or, consider giving one as a trendy gift for Mother’s Day, a wedding or a housewarming party. If you’re able to take your hands off it, that is.

Show Off Your Mermaid Pillow

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