Furniture Ideas for Brand New Homeowners

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A new home is like a blank slate, especially if you’re moving into one from the confines of an apartment. At this stage, your mind is running wild with grand plans and design ideas to make this new abode your own.

New furniture likely will play an important role in outfitting your home, but where should a new homeowner begin? All this new space! quickly becomes What do we fill it with?

Start here with home furnishings

A new mattress is single-most important furniture purchase you can make, whether you’re new to homeownership or not. No piece of furniture will have a larger impact on your life and well-being.

Why? You spend one-third of your time in it, for starters. It makes sense to maximize this time in order to achieve restful, restorative sleep.

However, it also affects your life outside of bedtime. Along with diet and exercise, sleep is one of three keys to a healthy life. Sleep deprivation can have negative consequences for your health, your productivity at work and your overall quality of life.

For this reason, a comfortable, supportive mattress is not a luxury, but a worthwhile investment in your health and wellness for years to come. And don’t let the price tag bewilder you, either. A $2,500 mattress purchase breaks down to just 86 cents a night for great sleep over the next eight years.

Don’t forget about the box spring and metal bed frame, either. They’re a must for proper support.

My mattress is fine! Where else should I start?

If you already have a high-quality mattress, where else do you look? There’s no wrong answer here: It’s more a reflection of your lifestyle and priorities. Where will you spend the most time in your new space?

  • Living Room Furniture: That college-era loveseat has served you well, but an upgrade might be beneficial. Aim for comfort with sectionals, sofas, recliners and more.
  • Game Room/Bar Furniture: If home entertainment is at the top of your wish list, we’ve got you covered. Home bars, theater seating and even pool tables will make your new home the go-to hangout spot for friends.
  • Dining Room/Kitchen Furniture: Whether you’re furnishing an eat-in kitchen or a dining room fit for dinner parties, a dining set is essential. For convenient storage, consider a buffet or a kitchen island.
  • Home Office Furniture: Working from home or simply paying bills is easier when you have a dedicated workspace.
  • Outdoor/Patio Furniture: Make the most of your new backyard with patio furniture, including outdoor seating, patio dining sets and umbrellas.

If you’re in search of design expertise for your new place, look no further! In-Home Designs by Homemakers offers a great way to furnish your new home with furniture, rugs, art and accessories. One of our knowledgeable interior designers will provide one-on-one guidance, helping you explore your style and put together a room design that is uniquely you!

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