Apartment Living Tips: How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

apartment living tips for noisy neighbors

There are undeniable benefits to renting, but there are just as definitely cons. Every renter comes out of apartment living with a crazy story or two. Today, we share two stories for all our renting veterans, current renters and soon-to-be apartment dwellers.

One renter tells us how she dealt with a roommate’s inappropriate noises. Another recalls how she confronted an accordion-playing neighbor. Keep reading for two renting horror stories, tips on dealing with loud neighbors and noise-reducing furniture ideas.

I Acted Insane to Scare My Roommate Out

“One year, I shared a tiny studio with Carrie*. She was pretty much a complete stranger before I moved to town, but we had a couple mutual Facebook friends.”

“Carrie started seeing Tyler* who was quiet and seemed like a nice enough guy. However, as the relationship became more serious, they became less discreet. I decided a good way to handle this was to pursue some hobbies that would take me out of the apartment and became very forthcoming about my agenda for the week. It worked for a while, but I still had to sleep there.”

The less-than-tasteful noises continued, and this renter began losing sleep because of it. One night, she decided she’d had enough.

“I’m not saying it’s the best, most grown-up way to handle indelicate behavior, but it worked! I didn’t see much of Tyler (or Carrie, for that matter) for the remaining months of our lease.” – Samantha*

Lesson learned: Sometimes a little bit of crazy goes a long way.

* The names of the people in this story have been changed.

I Lived Under an Accordion Enthusiast

“In college, I had obnoxiously loud neighbors upstairs. One of them regularly practiced his accordion while stomping out the rhythm on the floor (our ceiling).”

These guys also pre-recorded football games to watch—loudly—on weeknights, sometimes yelling at their team well after midnight. I guess they didn’t have any morning work or classes.”

This renter decided she’d had enough of the noise.

“I wrote a cheeky note asking them to watch their games earlier and take advantage of the free practice rooms in the music building on campus. Must have worked because the noise got much more tolerable. Still didn’t help with the sound of them *ahem* using the toilet through our paper-thin ceilings…” – Brianna

Lesson learned: Confront your neighbors about noise issues, don’t assume they already know how loud or disruptive they’re being.

Apartment Living Tips: Dealing with Loud Neighbors

If you’re dealing with noisy neighbors or roommates, talk to them directly. Kindly bring compromise ideas when confronting them. If this doesn’t work, contact your property manager with dates of each noise violation and the dates you confronted your loud neighbor. Hopefully this leads to a resolution. If not, you can submit a noise complaint with the police, but your signature is required. So, don’t expect an invite to your neighbor’s next cookie exchange.

Sometimes it’s simply not the other person’s fault. If you find a humming hairdryer or flushing toilet bothersome, thin walls are to blame. In this case, we have some helpful tips on soundproofing your space.

Tip 1: Fluffy rugs mute sounds coming from below while simultaneously muffling any noises you make. Similarly, a tapestry hung on the wall can decrease volume.

Tip 2: Fabric is your best friend. Unlike wood or metals, it muffles sound. An upholstered bed headboard does wonders for noise reduction. Or, place a fabric sofa against a neighbor’s wall to absorb some noise.

Ashley Gaylor sofa

Tip 3: Layer a bookcase with a healthy serving of—you guessed it—books! The paper pages actually create an extra layer of insulation between you and your neighbor, muffling many sounds.

Keep scrolling down to see a few of our favorite pieces for silencing noise in good style.

Furniture Ideas to Soundproof Your Apartment

  • Sphinx kaleidoscope
  • Ashley Darcy microfiber sofa
  • Modus Geneva Madeline queen headboard
  • Modus Geneva Rath queen headboard
  • Ashley Gayler sofa
  • Dalyn Finesse 5' x 7' rug
  • Sauder Square 1 bookshelf
  • Coaster bookshelf

What noise issues have you dealt with while renting? Share your apartment living story with us in a comment below or message us on our Facebook page.

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