Before and After: Jalene and Tom’s Brand-New Home

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Are you stuck in an interior design rut? Maybe you’ve recently purchased a new house, and you’re struggling with how to make it feel like home. Our design consultants can help! From floor plans to furniture, accessories and more, we have a highly skilled team providing in-home design services that suit every space–and every style.

To show you how it works, we sat down with one of our design consultants to get the behind-the-scenes details on a stunning project she recently completed.

Before: Entryway

Entryway before remodel

After: Entryway

Entryway after remodel Doorway after remodel

A little bit about who lives in this home

Jalene and Tom are a young professional couple who recently moved here from Kansas City for Tom’s job. Jalene grew up in Minnesota and Arizona, and Tom grew up in Oregon. They met in college, where they were both athletes, and they have been married for four years.

Their design dilemma?

Jalene and Tom purchased this new construction home near the completion of the building process. They had a few items they were bringing from their previous residence, but they were looking to completely furnish the living, dining and patio areas. They both work from home at times, so creating two fully functional office spaces was also key. In addition, they needed a few pieces to put the finishing touches on the bedrooms.

Overall, they wanted their home to feel complete and inviting with an elegantly understated vibe.

Before: Kitchen

Kitchen before remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after remodel
  • Kitchen after redesign

After: Kitchen

What was their vision for the project?

Jalene had a very clear vision of what she wanted, and our consultant was able to guide her to the pieces that would complete her vision. She had a coastal theme in mind with some small industrial and rustic style elements included. Tom’s biggest requirement was for the space to feel balanced and symmetrical.

What is the process like from start to finish?

Jalene contacted one of our design consultants, and they quickly set up an initial consultation at their home to go over their wish list and get all the necessary measurements for each room. Then, our consultant took time to put together a game plan. She created a series of potential 2D floor plans—three for living room, two for the office—for Jalene and Tom to look over.

Next, she met Jalene and Tom in the store to go through the different floor plans and narrow down the options. They had already mentioned a few sofas they liked when we met at their house, so when they looked at the plans, our consultant showed them which layouts would work well with each piece. They decided on the first floor plan created for the living room. One of the sofas they loved was the London Club sofa by Bernhardt, so they went with that, using two different sizes to accommodate the room.

Then, they picked out the chairs. They decided upon upholstery, and then we went back and picked out coordinating accent pillows for the sofas. They finished up by determining their favorite living room tables, lamps and rugs.

After just a couple more appointments, they had finalized the living room. A few months later, Jalene and Tom were ready to create their perfect home office, so our consultant headed back out to their house and got straight to work!

Before: Living Room

AFter: Living Room

  • Living room after remodel
  • Living room after remodel
  • Living room after remodel
  • Living room after remodel
  • Living room after remodel
  • Living room after redesign

How did our consultant make personalized design choices for this home?

Jalene and Tom’s design consultant says, “I chose the rug in the dining room to pull the colors from the accent pillows in the living room. The dining table had some cream and brown in it, so we needed to pull some of the yellows and grays to complete that zone. Jalene and Tom had already purchased the table from Homemakers by themselves, but we added the bench to increase seating.”

“For the living room, I recommended using two cocktail tables next to each other instead of one, because the room was so large. Jalene and Tom weren’t sure about this at first, because they’d never seen it done before. Once our delivery crew got everything set up, it was love at first sight. Jalene and Tom agreed that one cocktail table would not have been the right scale for the space.”

“We did the counter stools in a lighter tone to provide contrast with the dark wood cabinetry they would be sitting against and to tie into the bar cart and end table coloring. This pulls that light gray washed wood tone throughout the entire room.”

“The couple loved the detailing on the wood-framed accent chairs for the living room, so we selected a wood tone that would coordinate with the rest of the house and a fabric that would provide the coastal feel.”

Before: Office

After: Office

  • Office after remodel
  • Office after remodel
  • Office after remodel
  • Office after remodel
  • Office after remodel
  • Office after remodel

What were the most challenging parts about this project?

“The bar cart was a solution to an awkward empty space in the kitchen,” says our consultant. “When I showed them this piece, they instantly both fell in love with it! It was the perfect solution to a tricky area. It now provides the perfect mix of form and function for the space.”

“It was also a bit of a challenge to find the perfect bench to put near the front door. Jalene and Tom wanted a spot for their guests to sit down, take off their shoes, set down a purse, and so on. Because of the positioning of the staircase, we couldn’t use a bench that was too deep, since it would block the walkway. I was finally able to find a 12″ deep bench–most are 16” or 20″ deep. We were also able to customize the wood from which it was built, so we could get the right color and texture for the area.”

After: Master Bedroom

After: Patio

What was your favorite part of this project?

“My absolute favorite part was getting to see the space all finished,” recalls our consultant. “I don’t always get to make it back out to my clients’ houses to see the completed spaces, so I was thrilled I was able to this time.”

“It was so much fun to work with Tom and Jalene! Our personalities clicked, and we really got to know each other quite well by the end of the project. We joked around with each other during our appointments–the best part is that the more I got to know them, the better suggestions I could make for their space. They can call me now and tell me they need a picture in their laundry room or something, and I instantly know what they will and won’t like, without even asking them.”

“I can’t even pick a favorite element in a room – or even a favorite room. The office and living room flow so seamlessly together. There’s not one piece that sticks out as the “best” piece, which I think is a sign of a great design. You don’t want one piece to catch all of the attention, making the others pale in comparison. You want every piece to balance and complement the rest of the space, allowing your eyes to travel from wall to wall. I’m so glad Jalene and Tom allowed me to help them create that effect in their home!”

Want to have a home worth showing off? Get in touch with our design consultants to get started!

Please note: Homemakers’ design consultation services are only available to customers living within a 50-mile radius of the Des Moines metro area.

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